Swallow Hill Music: A Unique Arts & Culture Community

Swallow Hill Music has been helping people make and enjoy music since 1979. As it celebrates its 33rd year, it is proud to be known as one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States to serve as a source for roots, folk and acoustic music.

Swallow Hill Music serves more than 100,000 people through its concert, school and outreach programming.

Three concert venues at our facility on 71 E. Yale Ave. offer more than 200 live music performances a year, featuring local, national and international talent. In addition, Swallow Hill Music presents and produces its annual Rootsfest celebration, concerts at the L2 Arts & Culture Center in Capitol Hill, at Four Mile Historic Park, at the Old South Pearl St. summer street fairs, and at the Denver Botanic Gardens for its long-running and esteemed Summer Concert Series.

A faculty of 60+ instructors provides music education to over 5,000 students who participated in hundreds of classes, workshops and private music lessons for instruments and interests of all kinds. In addition, the Swallow Hill Music School reaches over 15,000 students through educational K-12 outreach programs in schools across the Front Range.

Swallow Hill Music is proud to be one of the 26 local nonprofits that are recognized as an SCFD Tier II Arts and Cultural organization. In addition to funding from SCFD and program revenue from Denver concerts and music classes, Swallow Hill Music relies on foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and the generosity of individual donors and the 2,300 dedicated members of our unique musical community. This support allows Swallow Hill Music to continue connecting people to the power of music by providing a place to celebrate and enjoy music in both the classroom and on stage.

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