The joy of music is for everyone, and Swallow Hill Music is fully committed to delivering that joy to all music lovers. Accessibility pertains to the physical, economic, social, and emotional well-being of all Swallow Hill patrons, staff, and volunteers. We recognize our Yale Avenue location does not currently live up to the standards of accessibility we strive for. As an organization, we are committed to meeting the challenges this building and its location brings as we move forward to more fully realize what an equitably accessible organization can be.

Code of Conduct

Please be kind, courteous, patient, and respectful. Swallow Hill Music is committed to providing a professional, friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone (staff, students, volunteers, and patrons) regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, or religion. Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning speech or actions will not be tolerated.

Site Map & Accessibility Features

Get an overview of of our building in this site map. (PDF)

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

We are more than happy to accommodate any seating preferences to place you closer to speakers or the performers, to ensure the best experience possible. Proximity seating is available closer to speakers and/or performers for those who are living with a hearing impairment.

Light and Sound Sensitivity

Sound muffling headphones and/or earplugs are available at no charge. Please see our Front Desk staff to reserve upon arrival.

Parking and Entry

Our parking lot is across Yale Avenue from our building at the corner of Lincoln and Yale. This is a busy intersection. Patrons are welcome to drop off in front of the building and then park if needed. There is a handicap parking spot in front of our building just beneath our sign. There is also a handicap parking spot on the southwest corner of E Yale Ave. and S Lincoln St.

COVID-19 Policies

Effective February 28th, 2022, masks will no longer be required to be worn by patrons in our facilities.  We will be lifting all vaccine mandates for patrons, volunteers and staff in-line with the City and County of Denver, as well as our staff mask mandate, effective on Friday, March 4, 2022. Performing artists may require vaccination, a negative Covid test, and/or masks to be worn by patrons, volunteers, and staff for their performances. Please make sure to check the event listing on our website and your email for any communications regarding these requirements.  We will continue to provide N95 and KN95 masks for those who would like them into the foreseeable future. Our policies are subject to change at any time based on CDC guidelines and mandates from city, state, or federal agencies. 

Restroom Accessibility

The lobby and second floor (accessible through Daniels Hall) have wheelchair accessible restrooms. There are Gender Neutral restrooms in the basement and on the 2nd floor.

Sensory Friendly Concerts

We offer sensory friendly concerts where we turn the lights up and turn down the sound down so individuals and their families can move around, dance, and sing along in a fun, judgment free environment. There is no “shushing” allowed and sitting still is optional. These events, while geared toward neurodivergent individuals, are open to everyone. Come enjoy!

Service Animals

Licensed service animals are welcome at Swallow Hill Music. If you have questions about your service animal and an upcoming visit, stop at our front desk when you arrive, or contact us ahead of time with any questions.

Wheelchair and Mobility Devices

Daniels Hall, Tuft Theatre, and many of our 2nd floor classrooms can be accessed by wheelchair or mobility device. If you are attending a concert or a class, please contact us at to assure we can meet your accessibility needs. At this time, Quinlan Café and basement classrooms can only be accessed by stairs.

Contact Us

If you require services other than those listed or have any questions, please reach out to and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We are always learning additional ways to support our community of participants through accessible and inclusive practices. If you have suggestions or comments, please contact us at