Swallow Hill Music is heading north on Friday, September 6 for a concert at Left Hand Brewing Company’s Longmont homestead, featuring the celebrated bluegrass-infused Americana of Colorado’s own Wood Belly.

Joining Wood Belly on the bill are Fort Collins-based bluegrass stalwarts Head For The Hills, and Front Range Americana up-and-comers The Cody Sisters.

“We wanted to focus on bluegrass and Americana music for this event because there’s a great tradition for those types of music in Longmont and the surrounding area,” David Dugan, Swallow Hill Music’s Talent Buyer, said.

GET TICKETS: Swallow Hill Music at Left Hand Brewing in Longmont with Wood Belly, Head For The Hills, and The Cody Sisters

Dugan said he had a fun time booking the lineup as they all stake out unique, but complimentary musical personas. Headliners Wood Belly are a creatively restless band that keeps pushing the boundaries of their bluegrass roots. “They are incredible players that are just a blast to see live,” he said.

“Head For The Hills was traditionally a bluegrass picking-style type band, but their new music also has a bit of an experimental sound to it,” Dugan said. “I think they’ll give people that love bluegrass a great show, but they’ll expand into something different with a little jam scene and a little rock scene mixed in.”

Opening band The Cody Sisters, meanwhile, are simply “fantastic” according to Dugan. “They are one of my favorite younger bands in the scene right now, and I think when people see them they’re going to love the sound.”

Built around sisters Megan (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Maddie (guitar, banjo, vocals), who grew up in Colorado’s roots music community, The Cody Sisters are breaking adventurous musical ground while remaining firmly rooted in folk and bluegrass traditions.

Of its Longmont location, Dugan says “Left Hand Brewing has created an incredible space for people to come hang out, drink beer, and listen to music with friends. The beer garden has a great view of the mountains, it’s a natural fit for music like this.”

He also noted that Longmont is known for nurturing its arts and music scenes, making it a place where Swallow Hill has wanted to present a concert for a long time. Swallow Hill CEO Jessy Clark agrees, adding, “There is a great homegrown music community in Longmont, so we all agreed that it made a lot of sense to partner on an event like this.”

In addition to presenting a great night of music at one of Colorado’s iconic breweries, the concert also gives Swallow Hill the chance to reaffirm its commitment to serving audiences throughout the seven counties served by the sales tax-funded Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).

For Clark, this is an important point and a guiding principle as she and Swallow Hill look to expand their programming to reach more people outside of Denver. “It’s the right thing to do,” she said. “We receive support from the SCFD and we need to serve audiences in all seven counties.”

Swallow Hill Music is a Tier II SCFD Organization.

“You don’t have to drink beer to listen to music, but they do go together,” Clark adds. “Enjoying live music with a great beer while cultivating community sounds like a great night to me!”
Wood Belly
Honest, soulful, and bearing a sound all their own, Wood Belly sprouted from the roots of bluegrass to notch a unique home in the broader Americana scene and continues to captivate audiences across the country en route. With an unrelenting dedication to original songwriting, harmony singing, and artful arrangements, the quintet is forging a sound that is based in newgrass and flavored with alt-country, rock, and just enough jam to glue it all together.

Head For The Hills
Head For The Hills didn’t grow up immersed in bluegrass music but came to it later in life, with each other. The result is a sound based in bluegrass that reaches into indie rock, jazz, hip hop, world, and folk to stitch together fresh songs that bridge the divide between the past and future of acoustic music.

The Cody Sisters
The Cody Sisters band is at the very heart of contemporary acoustic folk and bluegrass music as their propulsive instrumental solos and warm harmonies combine to grip the listener. Along with their bass player Will Pavilonis, sisters Megan (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Maddie (guitar, banjo, vocals) have forged a new sound that has no equivalent match in the acoustic world today.