Walt DeHaven

Walt DeHaven

We are excited to announce KCNC CBS4 Denver Vice President and General Manager Walt DeHaven as the newest member of our Board of Directors.

“As Denver’s music scene continues to explode, Swallow Hill serves as its connective tissue,” Walt says.

“It connects audiences to great performances ranging from legends to emerging must-see acts. It connects students with teachers hoping to ignite a passion for playing. And through outreach, it connects underserved communities with the power of music. How can you not be excited!?”

Walt joined CBS4 in 2002, allowing him to witness Denver’s civic and cultural growth first hand.

“Denver is quickly becoming a world class music city – in every way,” he says. “Swallow Hill ensures that this growth is inclusive. Most importantly, its outreach programming ensures that more people in more neighborhoods will be participating each and every day.”

In 2017, we made more than 19,500 musical connections through its educational outreach programs. 11,000 of this total were with Colorado students ranging from preschool through high school.

Walt also serves with Take Note Colorado, and is Treasurer of the Colorado Music Foundation. His past board service includes the Colorado Symphony. His expertise in this arena, and passion for good works through music will prove invaluable as we look to expand our outreach efforts in 2018 and beyond.

“We are thrilled to have Walt join the other 12 amazing individuals on our Board of Directors,” Swallow Hill CEO Paul Lhevine says. “Walt is the embodiment of Swallow Hill’s mission to bring the joy of music to life every day.”

“Swallow Hill is a celebration of music,” Walt adds. “You feel it every time you walk into the building. I am excited to be joining the party and contributing in every way I can.”