Music School Tuition Assistance

Swallow Hill Music is committed to making music education accessible. Our Tuition Assistance program gives all students, regardless of age or income, the opportunity to connect with music while gaining self-confidence and forming a new avenue for self-expression. Tuition assistance recipients are able to receive support for as long as they meet the income requirements. Support is available for students aged six months to adult for any group class, private lesson*, workshop, or summer camp that we offer. Below are the available award percentages by programming!

Programming Type

% of Tuition that may be covered by Tuition Assistance

Group Classes (4-8 weeks long) 20% – 80%
Workshops (1-3 meetings) 20% – 80%
Summer Camps (5-10 days per summer) 20% – 80%
Private Lessons and Music Therapy Sessions*    (30 mins per week) 10 – 40%
*Beginning with applications processed on or after June 1st, 2023, tuition assistance may be applied to private lessons for only a 10% to 40% discount versus the 20% to 80% discount for group programming. For example, if a family qualifies for 60% towards group programming, they will qualify for 30% towards private lessons. Note: Tuition assistance students that have taken private lessons within the last year will continue to receive the full discounted amount for as long as they continue to take private lessons at Swallow Hill. If the student pauses lessons for a year or more, then they will no longer qualify for the full discounted amount. Please click the button below to download our application form; you can either fill out the fields on your computer, or print out and fill the form by hand. Please send your completed form either via email to, or return it to the front desk at our building at 71 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO. (See our front desk hours in the footer menu at the bottom of this webpage.)

After receiving all application materials, the Tuition Assistance team will notify you of your award within five business days. We will work to meet your needs as best we can!

“We are a family that lives paycheck to paycheck, and my sons have benefited a great deal from Swallow Hill Music’s scholarship fund. They have a great sense of accomplishment in their ability to play an instrument. I’m so happy we all get to be a part of the Swallow Hill community.”

—Sarah Campbell, mother of 2 boys

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