The Query

The Query

Acoustic folk/pop duo The Query’s 5th Annual Christmas Show is at Swallow Hill Music on December 12. We asked the band to share some of their favorite Christmas songs that they felt were worthy of playing all year. Here is how they replied.

Hi, we are The Query! In anticipation of our Christmas Show at Swallow Hill Music on December 12th, we put together four Christmas songs we find ourselves listening to all year.

“Sister Winter” by Sufjan Stevens
This beautiful song by Sufjan can’t help but give you the feels with the mournful tone and weeping strings. The twist is that by the end, the song lifts out of the doldrums and bursts with elation. Who cares if it’s Christmas themed?

“Loves Comes to Rescue” by The Query
Shameless plug here. This is a Christmas song we wrote. Despite the holiday tone we find ourselves playing it at shows year-round.

“My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music
We all know this one, right? Even though stores play this at Christmas time, if ever you are in the mood for a classic movie-musical indulgence, “My Favorite Things” always seems to deliver.

“Christmas Time is Here” by Vince Guaraldi
Really, we could put the whole Charlie Brown Christmas album here. These songs have such a pleasing Jazz take on Christmas music; we don’t mind hearing them whenever.

Now you can put these on your year-round playlist We are looking forward to playing our 5th annual Christmas show at Swallow Hill Music, we hope you’ll join us!