Brian Hunter

Swallow Hill’s Chief Sound Engineer Brian Hunter (Photo by Kit Chalberg)

Many folks familiar with Swallow Hill Music know our Chief Sound Engineer Brian Hunter for working the soundboard in Daniels Hall, and for running our in-house Sawtelle Recording Studio.

Brian is trying to keep busy while Swallow Hill is closed, working from his studio, The Mousetrap in Denver. The Mousetrap is a professional, multi-track recording studio.

“I’m doing alright,” he said in a recent phone call. He’s helping his kids with their online schooling, which he admits can be frustrating, but ultimately, he said, “I’m hanging in there.”

Brian is currently available for mixing and mastering. If you have home recordings and are looking for someone to mix or master them, he’s available to do that without having to meet face to face.

He wants people to know it is a great time to get your recordings mixed and mastered via the internet.

“It’s really easy these days to send audio files over the internet, and get them to me,” he said. “I can work on them and send them back via the internet. These days you can do that, you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility issues.”

  • To reach Brian at The Mousetrap, email him or visit the studio’s website.

“Send me your songs from your home recording studio, get them to me, I’ll work on them, and I’ll send them back to you,” he added.

Music-wise, Brian says, “I’ve been listening to some furious metal music, Lamb of God. I’ve also been listening to John Prine, obviously, because of what happened to John Prine,” he added. “I just want to hear his songs. So I’m listening to metal and country, a weird combination.”

People at Swallow Hill also know Brian loves drinking LaCroix sparkling water. When asked about if he’s well-stocked in LaCroix, he laughed. “I’m drinking what I can get. It’s not always LaCroix but I’m not complaining.”

Brian is keeping the Swallow Hill community in his thoughts and is looking forward to the time we can all be together again. In the meantime, he wants us to keep making music.

“I hope everybody keeps making music,” he said. “Even though we can’t do it together, we can do it alone and somehow share with each other, and listen to it and enjoy it.”

To reach Brian at The Mousetrap, email him or visit the studio’s website.