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We have hoodies, caps, T-shirts and more waiting for you at our Yale Ave. location.

It’s December, the new year beckons on the horizon and that can only mean the holidays are afoot. With that in mind, Swallow Hill Music has plenty to offer the music lover in your life, and if you happen to be that music lover, we’ll just keep that between us and Santa Claus.

Whether it is a zip up hoodie to keep your favorite campfire-picker cozy, a concert to kick off 2017 just right, or gift certificates for those who are not so easy to please, we’re ready to help you stuff those stockings.

Hoodies and T-shirts and caps
Stop in at our Yale Ave. location for a variety of T-shirts, caps, hoodies and other Swallow Hill Music merchandise. We are constantly replenishing our stock so you are bound to find the right item. Members gets 20% off this merchandise.

Swallow Hill Hoodie

Who has two thumbs and loves him a Swallow Hill hoodie? Apparently this guy.

Speaking of Membership…

Memberships keep us singing and strumming at Swallow Hill Music! Becoming a member ensures that we continue to connect people to the power of music. Members get discounts on concert tickets, music school classes, private lessons and workshops, early access to tickets for the Denver Botanic Gardens Summer Concert Series and the Summer Stage Concert Series at the Arvada Center. Learn more about membership benefits here.

We will hit the ground running in 2017 with a mix of artists well known and new to Swallow Hill audiences alike. Among them…

Dar Williams: Return to Mortal City: The 20th Anniversary Tour in Daniels Hall on Thursday, January 5

Dar Williams

Dar Williams returns to Swallow Hill Music on January 5.

Every album from Dar Williams represents her thoughts and feelings about both her own life and larger forces in the world. It’s a high bar she set with her 1996 album, Mortal City. Join Dar in Daniels Hall on Thursday, January 5 as she revisits Mortal City and demonstrates why the timeless classic remains as relevant now as the day it was released.

David Bromberg at the Oriental Theater on Friday, January 6

David Bromberg

David Bromberg

Over the last 50 years David Bromberg’s convention defying career can be summed up in one word, “Brombergian.” That is to say, no one has done it quite like David, but he has shown younger generations the music industry can be conquered, or at least navigated, on one’s own terms.

We are excited to present David and the exuberant quintet he fronts at the Oriental Theater on January 6, touring in support of his latest album, The Blues, The Whole Blues and Nothing But the Blues.

Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore with Brigid and Lucy Moore in Daniels Hall on Friday, January 13

When Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore play Daniels Hall on January 13, it will truly be a family affair as they are joined by their daughters Brigid and Lucy. The family will be performing songs off their latest album, the aptly named Daughters.

Not sure what to get? There’s always Gift Certificates!

Gift certificates to Swallow Hill Music are available in any amount and are good for everyone on your shopping list and may be used for concerts, group classes and more.

You can purchase online, and even have your gift emailed directly to the recipient. Or, stop in at our Yale Ave. location and our staff will be happy to help you fill out your certificate.

Just follow this guide and you’re holiday shopping will be done quicker than the time it took for the Grinch to experience a change of heart. See? That wasn’t so bad. Now you can just settle down by the fire.