Swallow Hill Music, a 44-year-old nonprofit and the second largest music school, outreach provider, and concert presenter of its kind in North America, announced last weekend that it is embarking upon a new chapter in its storied history with the announcement of its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan.

Over the next three years Swallow Hill will focus on enriching and expanding community access to musical experiences of all kinds through the following three strategic priorities:

  • Cultural Equity: Swallow Hill will use music to engage, incorporate, and showcase the diversity of the metro Denver community.
  • Organizational Capacity: Swallow Hill recognizes that a solid infrastructure is required to achieve its priorities, including a strong business model and organizational structure.
  • Program and Partnership Development: Swallow Hill has a deep capacity for developing programs that meet the ever-evolving needs of the community. The organization will further refine its programs and partnerships to elevate the quality and diversity of its program offerings.

The development of the plan, facilitated by consulting firm La Piana, represents a collective effort involving the staff, Board of Directors, external stakeholders, and input from over 1,200 community members. This collaborative process led to a reevaluation and revamping of the organization’s mission, vision, and values, aimed at better positioning it for the future. The plan includes specific, trackable goals, which are accessible to stakeholders through the organization’s website, fostering transparency and enabling progress monitoring.

MORE INFORMATION: Review the complete 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Swallow Hill President and CEO Aengus Finnan shared his enthusiasm for the organization’s strategic vision, saying, “Over the past year, Swallow Hill’s community has worked closely with our team to craft the next chapter for this iconic Denver institution. This is just the beginning. We will continue to provide music education and curate music experiences both within our walls and in community settings in the seven-county metro area.”

Swallow Hill is an SCFD Tier II organization that created over 135,000 musical connections in 2022. It enhances the community by operating a music school seven days a week, providing music therapy, educating through community outreach, and producing concerts at its Broadway & Yale location, which houses venues of 300 and 100 seats. In addition, Swallow Hill produces events throughout the metro area including summer concert series at Denver Botanic Gardens and Four Mile Historic Park.