Ty Breuer

An accomplished musician himself, our School Director Ty Breuer is always happy to talk about his favorite songs and musical artists.

For our latest round of Staff Picks we turned to our School Director Ty Breuer. With his choices Ty stuck to songs from 2021, saying, “I’ve been doing mostly instrumental music to keep my mind together, but threw in a punk banger at the end.”

Yasmin Williams – Urban Driftwood
An instant classic for instrumental guitar recordings. Fingerstyle combined w/lap tapping made melodic and emotional but not too tech to throw off a fan of poppy music. The whole album is transformative but “Juvenescence” seems to carry me further.

Monte – Mirla
Monte is Simón Mejía’s of Bomba Estereo’s ambient electronic exploration of the relationship between nature and music. A lot of Colombian field sounds mixed with cumbia rhythms. My four month old son seems to latch onto the bird noises. The jungle becomes musical throughout, but the chanting on “Kaka Hyká (Abuela Piedra)” is most hypnotic for me.

American Culture – For My Animals
Noisey pop rock from Denver folks and DIY lifers deliver familiar lyrics, perfect lo-fi production, and catchy songwriting in an album that covers lots of ground but never loses me. Tune to best picture them live: “Drug Dealers House”

Please check out the artists via the links above, and listen to the songs on our Spotify Staff Picks playlist!