Belt It Out Summer Camp

Belt It Out Summer Camp students learn a dance routine under the direction of Swallow Hill Instructor and Camp Director Barry Brown.

At Swallow Hill Music we know parents start planning for summer break during winter break. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that enrollment is open for our 2020 music camps for spring and summer.

“Every summer camp will end in a performance,” Swallow Hill’s School Director Tyler Breuer says. “What you do throughout the week will amount to a performance.” Performances will take place on either the Friday of the camp, or the Saturday immediately after the camp runs.

For parents of children ages 6 to 10, we offer our Explore! Music Camp. This camp introduces the world of music making to campers in a fun, playful setting that keeps kids moving and making music.

This summer’s themes are Classic Rock, Folk, Disney Hits, World Music, and The Beatles. See below for dates and locations.

“One week you might be learning about Bob Seger, and in another you might be learning something from the Frozen II soundtrack,” Tyler says.

“It’s more than just summer camps,” Tyler adds. “There’s a spring break camp for 6-10 year olds.” This version of Explore! runs March 30 to April 4 to coincide with Denver Public Schools’ spring break, as well as others in the metro area.

For this camp, parents and guardians can enroll their music lover for the entire week, or select an a la carte option for specific days.

For slightly older kids, those ages 10-13, our two-week Belt It Out musical theater camp is bringing back its hilarious intergalactic adventure, A Galaxy Far, Far Away….THE MUSICAL! This musical was first performed several summers ago and was a great success. This time around we will take the show on the road and perform it at multiple area venues.

“We’re excited to bring this wild adventure to other communities,” Tyler says.

Belt It Out runs August 3-14.

House of Rock at Swallow Hill Music

Teens enrolled in Swallow Hill Music’s House of Rock summer camp work on a song ahead of their camp-ending performance.

For teens we have our House of Rock camps. These camps put burgeoning musicians into a live band setting, preparing them to play and collaborate with others. House of Rock’s Director Chad “Chadzilla” Johnson was featured this fall on Arts District from Rocky Mountain PBS. You can watch that segment here.

Speaking about House of Rock, Tyler says “For the intro camps, you do not need prior experience playing in a band, but that is what you will be doing.”

“You should look forward to being part of a very cohesive band by the end of the week,” he says. “Even if you are a beginner, you will play to the best of your abilities – hopefully shatter that – for the greater glory of the song.”

Ultimately, Tyler says, “If you want to play in a band and with your peers, House of Rock is a fine way to spend your summer. And then probably the next ten to fifty years of your life.”

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and there is before and after care for all camps beginning at 8 in the morning, and running until 5 in the afternoon for an additional charge.

Tuition assistance and payment plans are available.

You can learn more about our camps at the Colorado Parent Summer Camp Meet & Greet on Saturday, February 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Empower Field at Mile High, drop by and say ‘hi!’

Complete Music Camp Details
Campers at Explore! Music Camp will discover the joy of music through their natural curiosity. Using instruments, creative play, movement, dance, songs, group performance and more, students will gain experience with all of the fundamentals of music.
Students will walk away from this week-long session with a foundation in music that will prepare them for success in their future musical endeavors. No musical experience necessary! To keep things interesting for both students and staff, each week of camp will have a focus on a cultural theme.
These are the 2020 Explore! Music Camp offerings by location, theme, and date:
At our Yale Avenue Location
At our Lowry location

Explore! Music: Spring Break Camp takes place at our Yale Avenue location March 30-April 3.

Belt It Out (ages 10-13)
Belt it Out: A Galaxy Far, Far Away….THE MUSICAL!, August 3-14 (2 week camp)

This camp’s theme is A Galaxy Far, Far Away….THE MUSICAL!, a hilarious, epic space adventure featuring colorful characters, robots, lasers and costumes — all imagined as a Broadway-style musical!

Belt It Out! campers immerse themselves in music, make friends, grow their confidence, and express themselves. This year’s Belt It Out camp will feature run for two weeks with multiple performance opportunities.

Belt It Out takes place at our Yale Avenue location.

House of Rock (ages 13-18)

At House of Rock, students ages 13-18 will get hands-on experience necessary to play in a band with other musicians. In each week-long session (two weeks for the Songwriting & Recording camp), campers learn how to use their gear, play through a sound system, understand and read music charts, find and create a part in the band, song write, and play with other musicians. They also explore performance techniques and develop skills for managing a performance group.

These are the 2020 House of Rock offerings by theme and date:

All House of Rock camps are at our Yale Avenue location. All House of Rock performances will take place off-site, locations to be announced.