The Raven Tarts

Andrea Pares, left, and Olivia Shaw are The Raven Tarts. They are friends who happen to be band mates in Denver’s Avenhart.

In partnership with Developmental Pathways, Swallow Hill Music is proud to present a Sensory Friendly concert featuring The Raven Tarts on Saturday, June 1 in Daniels Hall. Doors are at 12:30 p.m., the concert begins at 1.

The concert in Daniels Hall aims to create a welcoming space for concertgoers and their families to enjoy live music in safe and comfortable surroundings.

Sensory friendly concerts are specifically designed for individuals with sensory sensitivities and developmental disabilities, including those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We turn the lights up and the sound down so individuals and their families can walk around, dance, and sing along in a fun, judgement free environment.

Sensory Friendly events are designed to be an inclusive and welcoming experience for individuals impacted by intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their family and friends.

Events like this, while geared toward some of the unique needs of individuals with I/DD, will make our cultural events and experiences more welcoming for all. We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities at this performance.

We realize this will be a new experience for many of the people attending the concert on Sunday. Because of that, we want to share a few photos of our Yale Avenue location in case that helps make our venue more familiar before you attend the concert.

The Entrance to Swallow Hill Music

Swallow Hill Music entrance

The entrance to Swallow Hill Music at 71 East Yale Ave. in Denver.


Daniels Hall at Swallow Hill is Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair access to Daniels Hall at Swallow Hill

Daniels Hall at Swallow Hill Music is wheelchair accessible.

The Front Desk at Swallow Hill

Front desk at Swallow Hill

The front desk staff at Swallow Hill Music are friendly and ready to help.

The Stairs to Daniels Hall

Stairs to Daniels Hall

These are the stairs that lead to Daniels Hall.

Daniels Hall

Daniels Hall

This is Daniels Hall at Swallow Hill Music.


We Will Prepare a Quiet Space with Dimmed Lights

Quiet room off Daniels Hall

We will prepare a quiet room with dimmed lights that is accessible from the front of Daniels Hall. This is what the space looks like, we will make sure it is ready for our guests who attend the Sensory Friendly Concert!

This post was updated on May, 24, 2019.