Swallow Hill Cello Student

There are plenty of reasons to smile as you can now register for your private lessons from Swallow Hill online!

We are excited to share that our private lessons will begin operating in our new and improved online registration system starting in May 2021 with registration beginning this month. If you are taking any group classes or workshops in our current session, you may be familiar with the new registration site already. We also have updated information for “A la Carte” students at the bottom of this article.

The biggest change to private lesson registration in our new system is that you will be able to schedule lessons online at your own convenience. You will no longer have to contact the front desk to schedule a lesson (though the front desk will always be available to help with registration and to answer any questions you have). Additionally, Zoom meeting links for online lessons will be automatically sent to you after registering.


Another important change, especially for our current contract lesson students, is that you will no longer need to be locked into the 8-week sessions that our group classes follow. Instead, we are changing to a monthly billing schedule. Contract students will now be called “recurring” students and they will hold their regular time slot for as long as it is available. Recurring students may start or cancel lessons at any time with at least 24 hours notice. The recurring option is intended for students who regularly take lessons at the same day and time, on a weekly or biweekly basis. It will offer students more flexibility, while maintaining the reliability of a consistent schedule. If you are currently a contract student, you can expect to see your first monthly invoice for May lessons within the next week!


For students who have a more variable schedule and are unable to make the same day and time work each week or every other week, we will still have the “A la Carte” lesson option available.

Below is some information on our 30 and 60 minute lesson options. Please let us know which length you would like to move forward with.

  • 30-minute lesson option
    • great for kids and beginner to intermediate players of all ages
    • $28 per lesson, or $27 if you book recurring lessons ($2 off per lesson for Swallow Hill members)
  • 60-minute lesson option
    • great for intermediate to advanced students, especially teens and adults
    • $56 per lesson, or $54 if you book recurring lessons ($4 off per lesson for Swallow Hill members)

Swallow Hill Music is committed to making music education accessible to all students regardless of age or income. If you would like to learn more about Tuition Assistance at Swallow Hill, please click here.

Please reach out with any questions or feedback that you have! We look forward to transitioning to this new system, and we are happy to help you in any way we can.


“A la Carte” private lesson registration for May is now open on our new registration site! You can access the private lesson booking page by clicking here and logging in, then following the instructions on the page for how to schedule. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance! We appreciate any and all feedback to help make the process as smooth as we can.

If you would like to switch to the recurring option starting in May, please follow the prompts as your scheduling to sign up as a recurring student.

If you need to schedule more a la carte lessons for April, we are still doing those in our old system. Please contact info@swallowhillmusic.org to schedule any lessons during the remaining weeks of April!

Please reach out with any questions, and the Front Desk will be more than happy to assist!