A man plays an electric guitar

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Progressions is a four-month immersive learning experience where guitar players learn to become more advanced musicians. These unique “master-class” type courses focus on guitar and folk guitar and are taught by professional musicians, Thomas Jennings and Martin Gilmore. You can’t get an intimate community learning environment with the level of musicians for this rate anywhere else! Pick your poison and choose from Progressions: Guitar and Progressions: Folk Guitar.

What students are saying…

“Progressions has given me so much confidence as a guitarist and songwriter. The knowledge that I’ve gained through this course, from insights on theory to gigging and recording, has helped me add many new tools to my toolbelt. I feel way more capable as a musician now, and I’m very excited to keep writing and exploring that part of my creativity.” – Skylar, Progressions: Guitar w/ Thomas Jennings

“This class is a perfect big next-step to take after completing Swallow Hill’s Core Guitar series for anyone who is serious about really performing on stage, and I’d call it a requirement if you want to become a professional musician. This class helped me create a personal roadmap for my development as a musician (including the business side of being a professional), a strong jolt of “what it takes” for practicing my skills on guitar & voice, and great introductions to guitar techniques that apply to about any genre of music”
– Tom, Progressions: Folk Guitar w/ Martin Gilmore

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