Patty Jackson

Patty Jackson

We are happy to announce that Patty Jackson is our new Volunteer Manager. Swallow Hill’s volunteers are the backbone of our organization in so many ways, and bringing on Patty in this full time role will ensure the growth and success of our Volunteer Program.

“It’s just great to be here and I have always loved this organization,” Patty told us.

“My goal right now is to talk with everybody and see what people need. To watch and listen and get into everybody’s business.”

Patty brings to Swallow Hill her experience working with volunteers at other organizations. “I worked with volunteers in various positions; with senior citizens as an activity director and volunteer coordinator.”

Those experiences remind Patty of Swallow Hill in that those were places with a small roster of paid staff, but a big need to engage with all members of their community.

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Those were situations where you have a lot of people to connect with and get to know. “So the best thing you can do,” she says, “is to have volunteers that specialize in certain areas, that maybe they like to do X, Y or Z or something, and you plug them in.”

Patty is excited to see that volunteers have returned on concert nights. She wants to build that while re-engaging with and bringing in more volunteers to help with our Music School and Community Outreach Programs. She also wants to find ways that volunteers can support projects around the building and throughout the organization that might require specialized skill sets.

Overall, she’s looking forward to connecting volunteers with people throughout Swallow Hill to keep things running smoothly as we grow.

Patty knows Swallow Hill quite well. She is a Member who has also worked for us in several capacities in the past, including hosting our Instrument Petting Zoo at various events. Fun fact: Patty is one of the few people who drove the Silver Streak, the RV that once served as a glorified billboard in our parking lot, during its time at Swallow Hill. “The infamous Silver Streak,” she says with a knowing laugh.

A singer-songwriter, Patty has also performed at Swallow Hill multiple times. Her first performance here was as part of Best of Open Stage. In the ensuing years she’s played solo and with several collaborators, including a Daniels Hall show with Somethin’ About Lulu. You can catch her performing as a duo with Ernie Martinez at One Epic Night on April 23.

Please join us in welcoming Patty to Swallow Hill!