Clay Kirkland at One Epic Night

Clay Kirkland performs with his band at One Epic Night in 2017. The Clay Kirkland Band will also perform at One Epic Night on October 13, 2018.

Swallow Hill Music is excited to announce the return of One Epic Night. On Saturday, October 13 we will once again open our doors to music lovers who will see twelve bands across our three stages for One Epic Night. Local businesses will provide food and beverages.

This year’s list of performers includes Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore, ATOMGA, David Burchfield & the Fire Guild, and the Clay Kirkland Band. More artists will be announced soon.

Proceeds from the event will support Swallow Hill’s Community Outreach Fund.The fund provides music education and experiences to under-resourced communities through Little Swallows early childhood education, school assemblies, after-school lessons, and music therapy.

Access to music sets kids up for success. Music education builds vocabulary, strengthens social skills, promotes literacy, and enhances creative thinking, among many other benefits. Where resources and financial barriers exist, Swallow Hill steps in, with community support, to give children opportunities to learn and grow through music. Music therapy, as defined by the American Music Therapy Association, is “an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.”

At last year’s inaugural One Epic Night, nearly 500 music lovers packed Swallow Hill for an unforgettable night of live music and community. No sooner had the final notes drifted into the autumn night than Swallow Hill staffers all agreed there needed to be a sequel in 2018. Buckle up, we aim to outdo ourselves.

For more details, including how to purchase tickets, click here.

ATOMGA at Swallow Hill

Colorado Afrobeat band ATOMGA performs at Swallow Hill Music’s One Epic Night in 2017. The band, which features Swallow Hill Instructor Casey Hrdlicka will perform at the 2018 One Epic Night on October 13. Photos by Kit Chalberg.