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About the camp

Swallow Hill Music’s House of Rock Summer Camp is now in its 11th year! At House of Rock, students ages 13 – 18 will get hands-on experience necessary to play in a band with other musicians.

In each week-long session, campers learn how to use their gear, play through a sound system, understand and read music charts, find and create a part in the band, song write, play with other musicians, performance techniques, and develop skills for managing a performance group.

Camps are open to guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals, horns, strings and even banjo. If you have an instrument that is not listed give our front desk a call and find out if we can make your instrument work in a band setting!

Attendees get numerous opportunities each day to play and practice in duos, trios and in a full band setting. All ensemble and band work is taught and directed by the camp faculty.

Each week of camp ends with a Saturday performance – complete with a full sound system, sound engineer, and lights.

Tuition Assistance is available!

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Camp Descriptions

First Band Experience (June 1-5)

If you’ve been playing your instrument and wanting to rock, but you have never been in a band before, then this is the camp for you! This camp focuses on you and your band coming together and playing your first show.

The teachers will guide you through an enjoyable, fun-filled week, preparing you for your weekend performance. We will learn 8 different songs each week as a section in the morning and rehearse them as a band in the afternoon.

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Second Band Experience (June 8-12)

Want to take your rock to the next level? Join the “second band” level House of Rock camp and we’ll help you find it! A couple of steps beyond the beginning camp, this week focuses more on intricate songs from many genres of modern music. We will improvise as an ensemble and help train your ears to understand what everyone else is playing. Must have prior experience playing in a band or attendance at the beginning camp.

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Intermediate/Advanced Camp (July 13-17)

Intermediate/Advanced camp is for young musicians ready to continue playing in a band setting and are serious about nailing a performance, collaborating with other artists, and challenging themselves with more technical material.

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Advanced Camp: The Police — “Synchronicity” (June 15-19)

Advanced camp is for young rippers already comfortable in a band setting and looking to perform with other young artists that will challenge and encourage them to cover new ground. Advanced camp will be covering Synchronicity, the 1983 final studio album by the Police, will be dissected, digested and dished out this week.

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Songwriting/Recording — 2 week camp (July 20-31)

Do you have some musical ideas floating around in your head and have wondered what it would sound like with the help of real songwriters? How about adding some drums and a violin part in that chorus. This camp will help your creativity move from your heart, to the speakers and stage. Due to popular demand, we have extended our Songwriting/Recording camp to be a two-week long experience! This will allow for more creative songwriting time, and more time in the studio!

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Can a student register for another camp and/or all camps?

Yes! Students can sign-up anytime for another camp session before it starts or the day of if it is not sold out. Many students take at least 2 sessions and some take multiple sessions. You can register on-line or call our awesome front desk at 303-777-1003 ext 2.

Where does the Monday- Friday camp takes place?

Swallow Hill Music
71 E Yale, Denver CO 80218
Map (Click for Google Map)

Where do the Saturday concerts take place?

Keep an eye out on your email. Performance venues change depending on the week.

What should House of Rock Camp students bring?

Part of the House of Rock Camp experience if for students to learn how to use their musical gear. Students should bring any equipment that is essential for playing their particular instrument including (but not limited to):
· Instrument (guitar, bass, etc)
· Instrument Strap (you will need to play standing up)
· Amplifier
· Cables
· Tuner
· Effects equipment
· Picks, Drum Sticks, etc
· Lunch and Snacks
· Signed Medical Forms
· Notebook to write in

What is provided?

· Sound system
· Amplifiers (if students don’t have them)
· Drum Kit
· Key Boards/Piano
· Microphones
· House of Rock Camp Booklet
· House of Rock T-shirt
· House of Rock Lanyard

Does Swallow Hill Music sell or rent any equipment?

Swallow Hill has instrument cables, guitar picks, and guitar strings for sale. Swallow Hill has drums, microphones, and keyboards available for students. Swallow Hill does not rent instruments but has some acoustic guitars and amps for students that need to borrow them at camp only.

Is there a time to meet the camp staff?

Yes! Parents and guardians can come in before camp starts to meet with camp staff Monday-Friday. Please call the front desk at 303-777-1003 ext 2. to schedule.

What kind of medical and emergency information I need fill out?

You will fill out a medical and emergency form as part of the online registration process.

What should students do for lunch?

House of Rock students should bring a bagged lunch (and snacks if desired) that does not require refrigeration. School Café is not open for food service during camp. Students are required to stay on the Swallow Hill campus during lunch and entire camp.

Do you allow peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products at your camp?

Campers may bring peanut, tree-nut, and/or dairy products in their lunches, although we do encourage parents to limit the use of peanuts or tree-nuts in their children’s lunches. Swallow Hill can, in no way, guarantee a 100% nut-free or allergen-free environment, and therefore cannot be labeled as an allergen-free or nut-free school or camp. We ask that all House of Rock parents discuss allergies beforehand.

Is there a uniform?

No. Though House of Rock Campers are provided with a T-shirt the first day of camp that they can wear at anytime.

Who do I contact if my House of Rock student is going to be late or miss a day of camp?

Contact the front desk @ 303-777-1003 ext. 2 or tell the camp director, Chad Johnson. If possible, please let us know in advance of all absences or tardy arrivals to camp.

What are your student drop-off and pick-up policies?

We are very strict about our pick-up and drop-off policies! Students are to be dropped off between 8:45am and 9am. Students are to be picked up from summer camp between 3:00pm and 3:15pm.
Students have the option of taking additional private lessons on their instrument after camp from any of Swallow Hill’s instructors. For more info or to register please call 303-777-1003, check our website, or stop by the front desk.

Can I pick up my child early from House of Rock camp?

If you need to pick up your child before 3:00 PM, please contact the front desk at 303.777.1003 ext 2. When doing an early pick-up please come into our building and check-in with the front desk. They will locate your child and sign them out.

What are camp refund policies if my child must unenroll?

Students must drop one week before the camp start date to receive a refund. The save your spot deposit is non-refundable.