Summer Music Day Camps at

Swallow Hill Music

For kids ages 6-10 and teens ages 11-15 or 14-18

Looking for summer plans for your budding musician? Swallow Hill Music hosts fun, interactive, 1-2 week musical summer day camps in Denver for kids ages 6-10 and teens ages 11-15 or 14-18 from June-August.

Each week of summer camp provides a full day of activities, including explorations of the foundations of music for kids, and playing in a real rock band for teens. (With aftercare available for 3-5pm for kids camps!)

Learn more about our Denver summer day camps for different ages below:

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Explore! Music Summer Day Camps

Ages 6-10

Aftercare available from 3-5pm!

Themes for each week include Disney, Pop, Rock, and Worldwide Folk Music

Campers at Explore! Music day camps will discover the joy of music through their natural curiosity.

Using instruments, creative play, movement, dance, songs, group performance and more, students will gain experience with all of the fundamentals of music.

They will also learn about various genres of music through a different theme each week, create arts and crafts, and play outside each day. Campers will walk away with a foundation in music that will prepare them for success in their future musical endeavors.

House of Rock Summer Day Camps

Ages 11-15 or 14-18 (depending on week)

At our House of Rock teen summer day camps, campers will get hands-on experience necessary to play in a band with other musicians.

In each session, campers learn how to use their gear, play through a sound system, understand and read music charts, find and create a part in the band, song write, and play with other musicians.

Camps are open to teen singers, guitarist, bassists, drummers, and keyboard/piano players. Campers get numerous opportunities each day to play and practice, all taught by our expert instructors.

Each week of summer camp ends with a concert on our venue’s main stage – complete with a full sound system, sound engineer, and lights! Campers in Songwriting and Recording week will get to write and record an original album as well.

Tuition assistance is available!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Summer Camp Questions

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My camper has a disability or needs support - will this camp be a good fit? What are your accessibility accommodations for campers?
Swallow Hill Camps may not be suitable for young people that receive daily support services from paraprofessionals, nurses, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and physical therapists. We will do our best to support and accommodate campers who have a physical or cognitive impairment, however, in any of our camps, there may be sensory challenges – see the question below for a list of potential challenges. We have a small staff and do not have a DSP (Direct support professional), but if your camper needs one and has one, they will be allowed and welcomed into the camp with them.  Please contact Summer Camp Coordinator at to discuss if and how we can ensure a quality, inclusive, and meaningful experience for your camper.
What are some potential challenges I should prepare my camper for?
  • Loud music
  • Lots of new people doing lots of new things
  • Lots of quick and unfamiliar transitions and general routine change
  • Physical self-awareness with instruments and in group settings
  • The ability for self-regulation when over/under-stimulated
  • We have a small staff of camp counselors and support and may not have the proper training in how to address certain challenges
Is there a uniform?
Nope! Campers will be provided with a T-shirt the first day of camp that they can choose to wear at any time.
Who do I contact if my camper is going to be late?
Contact the front desk via phone 303-777-1003 ext 2. If possible, please let us know in advance of all absences or tardy arrivals to camp.
What are your drop off and pick up policies?
Campers are to be dropped off between 8:45am and 9:00am. They are to be picked up between 2:55pm – 3:15pm.

Students have the option of taking additional private lessons after camp from any of our Swallow Hill Music instructors; find more details and register here.

We also offer camp After Care for Explore! campers from 3-4 or 3-5; find more details and register here.

Can I pick up my child early from camp?
If you need to pick up your child before 3:00 PM, please contact the front desk at 303-777-1003. When doing an early pick-up please come into our building and check-in with the front desk. They will locate your child and sign them out.
What are camp refund policies if my child must unenroll?
Students must drop one week before the camp start date to receive a refund. After this date, we will not provide refunds.
Who staffs and runs the camps?
Swallow Hill Music Instructors lead the camps. Several guest artists will teach their specialist to campers as well. You can find your instructor and their bio listed under each camp listing.
What’s the age limit for each camp?
Explore! Music Camp: Ages 6-10
House of Rock: Ages 11-14 or 15-18, varies by camp session.
Are campers expected to practice outside of camp?
House of Rock campers will need to practice. Explore! Music campers will not.
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Can a student register for more than one week of a camp?

Yes! Students can sign-up anytime for another camp session before it starts or the day of if it is not sold out. Many students take at least 2 sessions and some take multiple sessions.

You can register online or call our awesome front desk at 303-777-1003 ext 2.

Can I meet the camp staff?

Yes! Please call the front desk at 303-777-1003 or email to arrange a time to meet your camp instructor.

Where does camp take place?

All of our summer day camps take place at Swallow Hill Music’s building at 71 E. Yale, Denver, CO 80210

What kind of medical emergency info do I need to fill out?
You will fill out a medical and emergency form as part of the online registration process.
Are camp staff First Aid and CPR trained?
Yes. All staff, teachers, and counselors will be trained and certified.
What should campers bring to camp?
All campers should bring a lunch, a midday snack, and a drink(s). Food brought by campers cannot be refrigerated and should be properly packaged. There are no lunches for sale. An extra water bottle and sunscreen lotion are recommended for the outdoor fun time. Campers can bring a backpack or sack to carry their belongings. Please be sure to properly label your camper’s belongings.

House of Rock students should also bring their musical gear, see below in the House of Rock section.

What should campers do for lunch?

Campers should bring a bagged lunch (and snacks if desired) that does not require refrigeration. Our Café is not open for food service during camp.

What is NOT allowed at camp?
Electronic devices, games, toys, etc. Phones will be silenced and checked only during lunch.
Do you allow peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products at your camp?
Campers may bring peanut, tree-nut, and/or dairy products in their lunches, although we do encourage parents to limit the use of peanuts or tree-nuts in their children’s lunches. Swallow Hill Music can, in no way, guarantee a 100% nut-free or allergen-free environment, and therefore cannot be labeled as an allergen-free or nut-free school or camp. We ask that all parents discuss allergies beforehand.

For Explore! Music Summer Camps:

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Does my camper need any previous musical experience?
No, campers do not need any previous experience. Campers will start out with the basics on all the instruments; our instructors are experienced at teaching children who are new to playing music.
Will campers be placed in groups?
Yes. Campers will be placed into co-ed groups based on age (6-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds).

For House of Rock Summer Camps:

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Are there auditions?
No. We are looking for students that have some musical ability, enjoy doing group ensemble work, and have a positive attitude.
What should House of Rock students bring?
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Signed Medical Forms

Since part of the House of Rock experience is that students learn how to use their own musical gear, Students should also bring any equipment that is essential for playing their particular instrument including (but not limited to):

  • Instrument (guitar, bass, etc)
  • Instrument Strap (you will need to play standing up)
  • Amplifier
  • Cables
  • Tuner
  • Effects equipment
  • Picks, Drum Sticks, etc
  • Notebook to write in
What is provided?
  • Sound system
  • Amplifiers (if students don’t have them)
  • Drum Kit
  • Keyboards/Piano
  • Microphones
  • House of Rock Camp Booklet
  • House of Rock T-shirt
  • House of Rock Lanyard
Does Swallow Hill sell or rent instruments?

While we do not rent instruments, students can borrow gear, including guitar cables, to use at camp and at home during their camp week. We also have guitar picks for sale.

Where do the culminating Saturday concerts for each camp week take place?

Culminating Saturday concerts for House of Rock summer day camps take place at the same location as the rest of the camp – Swallow Hill Music at 71 E. Yale, Denver, CO 80210 – EXCEPT for Advanced Band’s final performance, which will be held at The Oriental Theatre.