Join Nicole Moore (aka Mrs. Smiley) and Joshua Abeyta (aka Joshy Bear) for Little Swallows TV, designed for children ages 3 – 6. These 20-minute lessons are developed in partnership with Nicole Moore-Abeyta (aka Mrs. Smiley), a licensed social worker and public school mental health expert. Young people will sing along with Nicole and Joshua (an accomplished musician and early childhood music instructor) to sing along to songs that explore emotions like fear, happiness and anger. Songs are sung in both English and Spanish.

Videos will be released weekly (on Wednesdays) and are available on Swallow Hill Music’s YouTube channel. Thanks to generous philanthropic partners, these videos are FREE to view and available to all.

Little Swallows TV

Nicole Moore (aka Mrs. Smiley) and Joshua Abeyta (aka Joshy Bear) are the hosts of Little Swallows TV.

Little Swallows TV uses music to enhance Social and Emotional Learning.

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Joshua Abeyta (aka Joshy Bear) is an accomplished musician, songwriter, music teacher, founder/owner of I Can Jam Studios, poet, artist, social activist and founding member of Denver’s own Los Mocochetes. He has used his voice and platform to defend the marginalized in Denver and across the nation.

Nicole Moore-Abeyta (aka Mrs. Smiley) is a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Compassionate Counseling of Denver. She has implemented mental health programs for Denver Public Schools for the past 5 years. She has worked for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Childrens Hospital Colorado. She is a budding artist, percussionist, and committed to social justice.

Little Swallows is an early childhood education music program that introduces preschool-aged children to the world of music making, stimulating early creativity and helping to prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond. Swallow Hill has adapted its Little Swallows preschool programming during COVID-19 school closures. While the program was once taught in 120 classrooms every week, Swallow Hill is pleased to provide virtual content with the hopes of bringing the joy of music to more students than ever.

Prior to COVID-19 closures, Swallow Hill was partnering with 30 schools to provide weekly classes for children living in under-resourced neighborhoods.

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This article was written by Swallow Hill Music’s Director of Development Tiffany Grady.