Julian Lage

Julian Lage

Sometimes a musician is so smooth, so casually confident in their mastery of their instrument you can’t help but think “I could do that.”

Of course you know the joke’s on you even as the thought forms, so you content yourself to sit back and bask in the glow of a master at work.

Such is the case with Julian Lage. The former jazz guitar prodigy’s latest album Modern Lore captures the virtuoso and his band creating a collection of expertly crafted but accessible songs that crackle with possibility.

At times his fretwork calls to mind the ethereal soundscapes explored by Bill Frisell, or he might deliver a tight, urbane sound perfect for clinking cocktails. At other times he indulges his experimental side to deliver something that flirts with post-rock.

In its review of Modern Lore, Paste Magazine writes, “the result is a snappy, multi-colored affair that gives him ample room to show off his unmatched skills with his chosen instrument.”

Swallow Hill is excited to present Julian Lage in Daniels Hall on Saturday, September 29. Join us, you deserve it; Julian and his band will take care of the rest. We are sure it’ll be no sweat.

This show is on sale now.