Joanna & Iain Hyde

Joanna & Iain Hyde

Swallow Hill Music is excited to have Joanna & Iain Hyde in Daniels Hall on Saturday, July 23. The concert is also cause for celebration as it is also the band’s CD release party.

In anticipation of the concert and CD release, Joanna & Iain have released a few tracks from the album, titled Green & Blue, which deftly displays their ability to meld various strains of Americana, Irish and bluegrass styles and more.

Special guest Tadhg Ó Meachair, of the award-winning Irish band “Goitse,” will join the duo during the show. Tadhg, from Dublin, is an All-Ireland piano champion who has toured across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. He features prominently on “Green and Blue” on both piano and piano accordion.

Eric Thorin will join Joanna and Iain on bass. In addition to playing on “Green and Blue,” Eric is known for playing with the Jeff Austin Band, the Matt Flinner Trio, Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore, among others.

Enjoy the tracks, and we look forward to seeing you Saturday night, July 23!