Martin Barre

Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre

Whether from the scrolls of Jethro Tull vinyl, or from his own solo performances, the call of Martin Barre’s guitar is unmistakable. Swallow Hill has the pleasure of hosting Martin Barre and his band on September 9th, in Daniels Hall. In anticipation of his performance, we had the opportunity to ask Martin a few questions about the artists who have inspired him throughout the years.

What follows is a Spotify playlist, highlighting the artists that inspired him in the past, the music playing on his stereo now, as well as some musicians he’s propelling into the future.

When asked about what’s on his radio, Martin replied “I love Snarky Puppy; for their musicality and sheer staggering technique.” That influence of jazz is included in a few ways on this playlist. Martin couldn’t resist mentioning, “Mostly I go back to my old favourites like Don Henley, Neil Young… and re-visiting The Beatles!”

This mix inevitably captured the foundational songwriting of those artists, as well as the classic blues players. As Martin remarked, “I love the Kings… B.B., Freddie and Albert!”

Lastly, you’ll hear the classic Jethro Tull riffs, as well as some modern interpretations of that 70s heavy, psychedelic style.

Enjoy the playlist, and we’ll see you September 9th!