At Swallow Hill we’re all about seeing where music will take us next, and we’ve recently encountered a pair of friends whose lives are composed of musical adventures – Jammy Man and Tumbly Tumbler.

Along with their red pickup truck Sadie, musician friends Jammy and Tumbly like to take their songs and good vibes with them as they explore their native Colorado and beyond.

You may have caught their debut video, “Pick It Up” on Colorado Public Television (CPT12) this winter. “Pick It Up” demonstrates through a wonderful little ditty why it’s best to leave a light footprint while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s fun and educational, just like Swallow Hill!

The adventures are just beginning, and Jammy and Tumbly plan to share them with us soon, so stay tuned!

Learn More About Jammy Man at his website

Jammy and Tumbly are too tricky to pin down for an interview, but fortunately for us Swallow Hill Instructor Paul Trunko knows them well. He even plays music with them from time to time. Happily, Paul gave us some background on the boys while they were no doubt off on another musical adventure.

Jammy Man and Tumbly Tumbler

Jammy Man and Tumbly Tumbler. Image Courtesy Worker Studio Animation

How did you meet Jammy Man and Tumbly Tumbler?

Well it’s a funny story. I came out of band practice off South Broadway a few years back and I heard some sweet sounds coming from over my shoulder. At first I thought my ears were ringing, and then I realized it was coming from some guys – kids really – pickin’ tunes out of the back of a red pick up truck. That was Jammy and Tumbly, and their truck Sadie. I joined in and before you know it, we’re fast friends. It wasn’t long before I did some recordings with them.

There was a lot of excitement in the office the other day, apparently Jammy and Tumbly were at Swallow Hill, but I just missed them. How often to you see the guys?

They’re hard to pin down but I see them here and there. They’re mostly on their own schedule. My boys know them and show up with them sometimes. I can never tell if they’re following the music or if the music follows them. Either way, you’re bound to catch a few tunes when they’re around.

Have they ever given you a ride in their red truck, Sadie?

Well, I hopped into the back of Sadie the first time we met to swap some tunes. Another time they showed me around Golden City where they hang. Golden City’s a great place, it’s right outside of Denver, but I can never seem to find it on my own, not even with a map. That said, Sadie’s a good runnin ride.

Paul, you’re no slouch when it comes to being a musician, have you ever jammed with Jammy Man and Tumbly? If so, what was that like?

Thanks. It’s always a blast to play with Jammy and Tumbly. Whether we’re recording or just kicking around some tunes it’s always a laid back time. They don’t talk a whole lot. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not antisocial, just that it’s all about fun with them. I guess they prefer to let the music do the talking.

Can you tell us about a few of their upcoming songs and adventures, or is that top secret?

Well I did see their video “Pick It Up” on channel 12 and the web. What I’ve heard is they’re working on another video with some of the characters from the first one. We’ll see what happens. You never know with those guys.

Is there anything you’d like to pass along from Jammy Man and Tumbly?

Music and Merriment!

Learn More About Jammy Man at his website