Since 2012, Denver folks seeking to satisfy their craving for delicious wings have happily turned to Fire on the Mountain.  With the first location in the Highlands and now there’s a recently-opened Wash Park location, there is no shortage of options for people so satisfy their spicy craving!

Owner Andrea West reminded us that not everything on the menu is for carnivores, though. “We make a ton of awesome veggie and vegan fare from scratch too, including seitan and cauliflower wings, so vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the wing experience too.” 

Fire on the Mountain is not only mindful of patron’s dietary needs, they have consistently been leaders in the environmental movement. “We were the first Certified Green Restaurant in the West Highlands,” West shared, “and are proud to have been recently certified here at our Wash Park location. Our commitment to environmental sustainability underlies every business decision we make.” That means that all of the chickens FotM uses are cage, hormone, and antibiotic free, and they only use 100% Colorado grass-fed beef. In addition, they’ve put the effort in to ensure that nearly 80% of their waste goes towards composting and recycling programs rather than landfills.

Their sustainability efforts reflect one of the core values of Fire on the Mountain: improving the quality of life in their community. They consistently donate to and support schools and nonprofits – Swallow Hill Music included! – and encourage their employees to volunteer in the area. They also invest in those employees – West told us that, “over the years we have focused on improving compensation and offering benefits, including health/dental insurance, a 401k plan, and paid time off to all staff.” This not only means a higher retention rate, with some employees being with Fire on the Mountain since day one, but also more excited workers!

Next time you’re feeling the craving for wings (with or without meat), stop by Fire on the Mountain. You’ll not only eat good food, you’ll support a fantastic community-focused business!

As our newest Community Business Partner, Swallow Hill Music members receive 10% off their order upon showing their member card.

Fire on the Mountain is located in the Highlands at 3801 W 32nd Ave and in Wash Park at 300 S Logan, Unit 102. They’re open 11am-10pm Sunday-Thursday and 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday. You can reach them at (303) 480-9464.

This article was written by Swallow Hill Music Administrative Assistant Mia Lang.