Roz Heise

Roz Heise

For this month’s Faces of Swallow Hill we reached out to Roz Heise. If Roz is familiar to you, perhaps you’ve seen her at one of our concerts, got to know her while taking a class, or she helped you out at one of our events as one of our extraordinary volunteers!

“Music is joy, music is comfort, music is friendship, music makes my heartbeat,” she told us. “During this COVID time I found music to be company and happiness even as we were all apart from so many people and so many activities we love.”

With that in mind Roz was eager to get back to volunteering for us last summer when we started presenting live music events once again. “I was thrilled to be able to volunteer at both The Botanic Gardens and at Four Mile Park,” she said, and “it was thrilling to see some of my Swallow Hill friends and to listen to live music in safe and comfortable places.

While it was difficult to share one moment above all others, one does stand out.

“I really felt thankful to be in the presence of Harry Tuft as he performed as a part of the Shady Grove Picnic Series. He has such a following and there was overflowing love and passion from so many fans.

Returning to the theme of how music showed up for her during the long COVID-related closures, we asked her if there was a particular song that stuck out throughout the experience.

“For some reason,” she answered, “Simon and Garfunkel’s “I Am A Rock” keeps running through my mind. During this time, so many people I know have struggled with connections and vulnerability. They have built armor to protect their feelings and have been suffering from loneliness and depression. I hope to move on to a happier song soon.”

Then she quickly added, “Actually, I have also been listening to Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.” Now there is hope!!!”

“I am looking forward to the end of COVID and the resumption of live “everything,” she said when asked about the future.

“Swallow Hill, both as a concert goer, a volunteer and as a student is my “happy place,” she told us in conclusion. “It is hard to put into words all the gifts I am given and the blessings I receive. I am beyond grateful to be able to be a part of this amazing place and spend time with beautiful, caring and talented people.”

Thanks Roz!