We know music continues despite social distancing! While Swallow Hill remains closed, members of our community remain musical. We’ve asked them to share their stories and images showing us how they keep music part of their daily lives in these special Faces of Folk installments.

If you have a story to share about how music is helping you during this period, please fill out this form, and share an image if you have one, and you could be featured! Read previous Faces of Folk installments from Swallow Hill Community members here.

Madelyn Jones

Madelyn Jones encourages every singer and songwriter to create right now

During the times of this crazy pandemic, music is the one thing that has helped me feel connected to this world and other people during the age of social distancing. With little to no social interaction, music has helped me feel connected to certain artists, and the rest of the world, because listening and sharing music has helped reassure that whatever we are feeling, we are not alone.

The various artist collaborations that I’ve listened to are all so inspiring. When artists come together to share their passions, talent, and message, something extraordinarily inspiring and hopeful happens. Music can bring us all together even in times of trouble.

In addition, so many artists are releasing new music, some related to the pandemic, and some not , to reassure that even through these crazy times, we still are experiencing everyday emotions like sadness, heartbreak, love, hope, etc. We need to continue to make time to feel these normal emotions so we don’t get sucked into a world where only COVID-19 exists.

I have been inspired by so many artists who are releasing songs right now to release one of my own. During these crazy times, I hope that with the release of my song “For You” will remind people that we still need to feel normal human emotion, because it can be extremely easy and to get sucked into a Covid-19 only vacuum of information. The amount of good music that is being released every day to connect us all together is amazing and I also want to encourage every singer and songwriter to create right now, and to use this opportunity to inspire and connect with others during times where it is hard to connect. The power and the effects that music has during times like these is indescribable.



Paul Iwancio

Paul Iwancio soldiers on with music, aching shoulder and all!

Paul Iwancio keeps sharing music

I’ve been recording songs and posting them on Youtube and Facebook. It started as a countdown to shoulder surgery that will prevent me from playing stringed instruments for 8 weeks during recovery. The surgery was postponed though and I decided to keep playing old and new tunes in the interim. The focus on a project and having a deadline keeps me focused on something other than the health crisis (and my aching shoulder!). A cool thing I rediscovered is the natural reverb of our apartment building’s stairwell. No neighbors have complained…yet 🙂









Rex Rideout plays a banjo-uke

Rex Rideout remains musically active online despite COVID-19 limiting his live appearances.

Rex Rideout remains musical riding out onto the digital range!

Music is a vital part of me and I will keep playing no matter what happens. All my gigs have been cancelled through June and later ones are on the fence. But I’ve learned how to make videos and do live online shows. We all can find a way.