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Sensory Friendly Show – Frail Talk

May 25 @ 11:00 am

Enjoy music in a sensory friendly environment with Frail Talk presented by Swallow Hill Music and Developmental Pathways.

At a Sensory Friendly Concert, we maintain lower volumes and even lighting. We’ll have a calm room and fidget sensory items available.

About Frail Talk:

Formed in the foothills of Northern Colorado in early 2020, Alex Woodchek and Cor Wright of Frail Talk are creating a blooming universe of squiggly indie music for squiggly people. Like the kind surprise of a backyard garden, their songs spring up from the dirt with folk roots, soft pop colors, and burgeoning lyricism ready to welcome every listener with daydream-love.

In mid-2020 Woodchek & Wright entered hibernation by way of total immersion into honest and intricate home recording, leading to their self-produced debut record, New Creation Myths, a movement through the personal and social mythologies seeded into humanity. This album has allowed them to tour parts of the country, meet many new music creatures, and connect with thousands of listeners on streaming platforms.

In 2023, they embarked on a new set of dreams surrounding their sophomore album. Recorded in seven days of heat-sweat-friend-magic in Silsbee, TX alongside producers Hannah Read (Lomelda) and Tommy Read, this new collection of songs are anticipated to release in 2024. There are still small moments yet to capture and many more dogs yet to meet, but the same honesty Frail Talk has always valued continues to bleed through.

Through the art of mashing folk-pop sensibilities with strange spacey synthetic sounds, Frail Talk offers a landscape where one’s self, surrounding, and experiences are as much a part of the songs as the music itself.

What is a Sensory-Friendly Concert?

The Kennedy Center defines sensory friendly performances as being “designed to create a performing arts experience that is welcoming to all families with children with autism or with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities.”

In practical terms, that means the concert volume is lower (not loud), and lighting isn’t too dark or too bright (no strobing or quick changes). Attendees and their families can move around, dance, and sing along in a fun, judgment-free environment.

Elements of Our Sensory Friendly Concerts

  • Dim, in-the-middle lighting. Not too bright and not completely dark. Lights aren’t strobing or changing abruptly. This helps lessen light contrast sensitivities.
  • Medium or lower volume levels. This helps mediate abrupt or overall loud noises. This might include finger snaps instead of clapping because they create less noise.
  • Calm, flexible space outside the performance room is provided. This provides a break area so one could calm down if they get overwhelmed, or not worry if they’re too loud.
  • Fidget sensory items are provided.
  • Wider space between rows or aisles. This helps everyone maneuver in and out more easily.


May 25
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Swallow Hill Music – Daniels Hall
71 E. Yale Avenue
Denver, CO 80210 United States