Bobby Long

Bobby Long

Bobby Long is creating a name for himself by writing soulful folk songs noted for their deceptive simplicity and great depth.

His latest album, the fan-funded Ode to Thinking, came out in 2015 and featured tracks such as “I’m Not Going Out Tonight,” which might catch the ears of fans of Jakob Dylan or Jay Farrar.

Elmore Magazine praised the album for combining “sweet guitar, poetic lyrics and unique, singsong vocals to tell a true story of American music.” Not bad for an English boy from Wigan!

Elsewhere on the album, songs like “The Songs The Kids Sing” reveal Bobby’s storytelling prowess. He can take a passing, mundane detail and explode it into a universal truth. Not unlike his heroes Bob Dylan or Elliott Smith.

Bobby started plying the singer-songwriter’s trade while a college student in London in the mid-aughts. While on the open mic circuit, one of Bobby’s mates was a pre-Twilight fame Robert Pattinson. Bobby would co-write the song “Let Me Sign” with Marcus Foster, which Pattinson recorded for the Twilight soundtrack.

Also, Dakota Fanning is a fan!

As mentioned in Dakota’s tweet, Bobby is working on a new album while he continues to keep his calendar full with live dates. He plays Tuft Theatre on Friday, October 14.

We’ll leave you with one more from Bobby, the title track from Ode To Thinking.