Swallow Hill Music is closed on Sunday, April 1st. Here are some new workshops we’ll be offering that day.

Sad Songs for Your Tiny ViolinI've Smashed My Neighbor's Banjo... Now What?Clashing Plaid Shirts and Your Folk EnsemblePlay Electric Guitar Behind Your Head!Willie Nelson Wrote ThatSongs You Can Cover Besides “Wagon Wheel”

Sad Songs For Your Tiny Violin

Who hasn’t been accused of being melodramatic? Now you can learn to play sad songs for your tiny violin.

Some of the world’s biggest hits are surprisingly easy to play on your tiny violin, among them, “My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic),” “Hello” by Adele, “Hello” by Lionel Richie, “Mr Bojangles,” “Let It Go,” “Achy Breaky Heart,” and many more.

I’ve Smashed My Neighbor’s Banjo – Now What?

You just moved into the house of your dreams and you love your new neighborhood, but something is off. You wondered why the previous owner accepted your first offer so quickly; then the truth sets in – your neighbor plays the banjo.

This workshop walks you through what you should and should not do once you have smashed your neighbor’s banjo.

It’s too late to pretend it didn’t happen – the whole neighborhood heard it – it’s time to explore your options.

Clashing Plaid Shirts and Your Folk Ensemble

You’ve gotten the band together, you’re really tight, you boast a great set of originals and some smart but not-too-obvious covers, only one thing… your folk ensemble has clashing plaids! (And people are starting to notice.)

This workshop examines why clashing plaids happen to perfectly good folk bands, how to anticipate them, and how to avoid them (hint: wear a solid).

Play Electric Guitar Behind Your Head

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Willie Nelson Wrote That

This in-depth songwriting workshop examines why every song you’ve ever written was already written by Willie Nelson.

Songs You Can Cover Besides “Wagon Wheel”

Bring some paper and a pencil. In this three hour workshop we will read off literally thousands of songs your band can cover besides “Wagon Wheel.”

Remember, Swallow Hill is closed Sunday April 1, we will never offer these workshops again. Happy April 1!