Playlist: Music by Swallow Hill Music Instructors and Staffers 2023

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Community, Music School, News

Before closing the door for good on 2023, we want to share some of the music our wonderful Music Instructors and Administrative Staff made this year.

We’ve compiled the songs on a Spotify playlist, which you can find here and embedded below. The songs are listed below, some with comments by their creators on what made them special songs.

A special shoutout to our Senior Sound Engineer Brian Hunter, who recorded, mixed, produced, or mastered three of these tracks.

Songs are listed in alphabetical order of the last name of the Swallow Hill Instructor or Staffer behind it, except for Ty, who refused to list his track first!

With so many Instructors and Staffers, let us know if we missed someone who released music in 2023 and we’ll gladly add them to the playlist.

Everybody’s Buddy by Harmonica and Guitar Instructor Nic Clark

Ho’onani Sunrise by Ukulele Instructor Casey Cormier

“I wrote this song at sunrise on a beach in Kaua’i in February of this year. The recording comes from the Ukefest 2023 performance in Daniels Hall, and features Daniella Katzir on guitar and backing vocals and yours truly on ukulele and lead vocals. It was mixed and mastered by Brian Hunter at Mousetrap Studios!”

Jackson’s Jingle by Luminous Dove featuring Multi-Instrument Instructor Casey Hrdlicka

Casey says “This song is special to me; it was named after my son, Jackson, because I had just completed putting the finishing touches on it the day my wife went into labor with Jackson.”

The Other Day by Multi-Instrument Instructor Daniella Katzir

Climate Alphabet by Mud and Marrow, by mud and marrow, which features Sarah Keller of our Cafe Staff, who wrote the tune

Cartographer by Chariots & Charioteers, which features Digital Marketing Manager Daniel Lorenzo

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Hunter!

Sloan by Customer Service Manager Belle Mason

Sometimes by Customer Service Associate Caleb Schwing

True Vine – Fiddle + Banjo version by Distance Walk, featuring Senior Manager, Marketing Barry Osborne

Barry says “This was one of the last songs recorded in Sawtelle Recording Studio before its hiatus, so we are grateful for the opportunity to work with Brian Hunter and bring it to life in that storied space!”

Subspace Transmission (Ron Miles, We Love and Thank You) (feat. Ron Miles) by Bass Instructor Matt Skellenger Group feat. Ron Miles

Matt tells us “This music is dedicated to Ron Miles, and we posthumously added his tracks to this song in the studio.”

Warning by The Deborah Solo Trio, featuring multi-instrument instructors Deborah Solo Collins and Chadzilla Johnson

Sleevemonster by School & Outreach Director Ty Breuer, featuring Outreach Program Manager Michael John McKee, and recorded by Facilities Manager Jim McGowan

Thanks for listening, we’re looking forward to new musical adventures in 2024!