What is the age cut off for camp?

Age 10-13. Your child will need to be 10 years old by July 31.

Where does the camp take place?

The Swallow Hill Music @ Lowry facility: 7653 E 1st Street, Denver CO. Classes and camp activities will take place throughout the facility.

Are there auditions?

No. We are looking for students that have some musical ability, enjoy doing group ensemble work, and have a positive attitude.

Does my camper need any previous musical experience?

No. Our instructors are experienced at including children who are beginning singer/dancer/performers.

Are campers expected to practice outside of camp?

YES!!! Campers will learn and practice during camp hours, and review at home! It’s very beneficial for parents to be involved with their kids in this work by giving attention and support at home!

Who staffs and runs the camp?

Barry Brown leads the camp. Several guest artists will teach their specialty to the campers as well. Barry has experience in performing and education.

Is there a performance at the end of camp?

Of course! You bet! Yes! Plan on it!!!! Friday – 3:00pm at Swallow Hill Music @Lowry.

Parents, siblings, friends, and others are strongly encouraged to attend – to supply extravagant support to our campers.

What does my camper bring to camp?

Campers should bring an appropriately packaged lunch (no refrigeration available), a mid-day snack, and drink(s). A water fountain is available for campers.

Campers will create a “bake sale” to raise funds for a charity of their choice. Parents and audience members will be requested to offer a monetary donation of any amount. Campers are asked to purchase supplies from their personal funds – to have “skin in the game.” One lucky donor will win a family membership to Swallow Hill Music – a $60 value!

What is NOT allowed at camp?

Electronic devices, games, toys, etc. Phones will be silenced and checked only during lunch.

Is there a camp orientation?

9-9:30 on the first day of camp. Campers and parents may opt to learn more about camp schedule, policies and procedures at that time.

Are camp staff First Aid and CPR trained?

Yes. All staff, teachers, and counselors will be trained and certified.

What kind of medical and emergency information I need fill out?

Please fill out the Medical Form that will be e-mailed to you in May and return it to our front desk by the first day of camp. To receive medicine while at camp you will need to sign the Medical Form and provide a signed approval note from your child’s physician. Our camp cannot administer any medications without this form.

Do you allow peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products at your camp?

Campers may bring peanut, tree-nut, and/or dairy products in their lunches, although we do encourage parents to limit the use of peanuts or tree-nuts in their children’s lunches. Swallow Hill Music can, in no way, guarantee a 100% nut-free or allergen-free environment, and therefore cannot be labeled as an allergen-free or nut-free school or camp. We ask that all parents discuss allergies beforehand.

What are the drop-off and pick-up policies?

Come in the building with your camper to sign in/out for both drop-offs and pick-ups.

Drop-offs – 8:45-9:00am. Pick-ups – 3-3:15pm.

Who do I contact if my camper is going to be late, miss a day of camp, or need to be picked up early?

Any absences, tardy arrivals or early pick ups must be known in advance. Contact the Camp director Barry Brown bbbbbarry@gmail.com or our front desk at 303-777-1003 x 2.

Come into the building and check-in with the front desk. They will locate your camper and sign them in or out.

What if I have an unscheduled, late pick-up?

Pick-ups later than 3:15pm will be charged $25 every 10 minutes.

Additional private lessons after camp are available from any of Swallow Hill Music instructor. For more info or to register please call 303-777-1003, check our website SwallowHillMusic.org, or stop by the front desk.

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More Helpful Info!

Students 10-13

July 31-August 4

Tuition and Scholarship Info

Scholarship assistance available for all camps to apply please e-mail Ashley Kidder (ashley@SwallowHillMusic.org) with the subject BELT IT OUT! CAMP SCHOLARSHIP APP

Camp Schedule
Monday-Friday 9:00am – 3:00 pm
Performance Friday 3pm

Who Can Sign Up?
Belt It Out! is for any student 10-13 years old and older who has the ability to carry a tune and is interested in performance. This is a non-competitive camp and there is no audition process to register.