Meet the Instruments


ukuleleThe instrument that makes everyone smile! The ukulele’s accessible size and bright sound make it a favorite of both kids and adults. Although known as a novelty instrument of the past, the ukulele has quickly grown to be one of Swallow Hill Music’s most popular instruments.



Maybe the world’s most popular instrument, the guitar is used in almost every form of popular music. From country stars to pop stars, bluegrass to blues, roots to rock and more, it’s nearly impossible to turn on the radio without hearing the guitar.


Little Mozart’s Pianos

These tiny pianos are a hit with our youngest students. Students from 3-4 years old use these pianos in our Little Mozart’s Classes. Their small size and easy to use keys make these pianos a great first instrument.



The percussion family helps us keep the beat. More than just drums, the percussion family also includes shakers, tambourines, woodblocks, and more.



The banjo can be heard in all kinds of American music including; country, bluegrass, jazz, folk, and more! The banjos signature sound comes from its drum-like body and driving playing style.

Did a particular instrument strike your fancy?

Swallow Hill Music has group classes for those ages 6 months through adults. With offerings in guitar, ukulele, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and LOTS more, there’s something for everyone!

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