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What is the alchemy that makes music happen? What are the ingredients that go into its creation? Who are the tribe of people that create this sound?

Swallow Hill Music presents the world of music to through the varied people that make it happen. Teacher, performer and world traveler Martin Gilmore talks, plays and chats with luminaries of the music world known and unknown, seen and unseen. National performers, local songwriters, iconic instrument shop owners, managers, luthiers, sound engineers, and journalists are all brought into the conversation one at time to fill in the picture of how music is made, appreciated, and transformed.

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N.B. Our host, Martin Gilmore, is on an adventure in Egypt. More podcasts to come when he returns stateside!

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Episode List

  • Episode 32, November 10- Julie and John Pennel

    Julie and John Pennell visited us at Swallow Hill Music last summer and performed a great concert as well as hosting a great songwriting workshop. Both great songwriters and musicians, they made the trip from Nashville, Tennessee, to join Martin in the basement of his house and talk about songwriting in the modern world, performance and The Beatles.

  • Episode 31, October 19 – Ill Se7en

    Ill Se7en is a rapper, MC, poet, teacher and so much more. Through his work with organizations like Youth on Record and  his work in the public schools, Ill Se7en has helped build a vibrant Hip Hop scene that is flourishing in the Denver area. Martin talks to Ill Se7en about his roots, the beginning of Hip Hop and the scene and culture here on the front range. Check out his music at:

  • Episode 30, October 5 – Raul Reynoso

    Raul Reynoso is a guitar virtuoso, songwriter, singer and all around nice guy. He is a champion of swing guitar, bluegrass and many other styles. From beginnings as a musician and performer at Disneyland to a lifelong career of making music Raul has a lot to say about what being a musician entails. Martin and Raul talked at the Olde Town Pickn’ Parlor while Raul was in town in June of 2015.

  • Episode 29, June 1 – Ross Martin

    Ross Martin is a guitar master! He has performed with The Motet, The Matt Flinner Trio and many more. Ross and Martin talk about crossing genres, learning music and the new Jeff Austin Band that features Ross on guitar. More information about Ross is available at: Enjoy! {Photo by: Leah Latella}

  • Episode 28, May 6 – Dominick Leslie

    Dominick Leslie is a mandolin virtuoso who hails from Evergreen, Colorado. He is known for his mandolin work with the acclaimed band “The Deadly Gentlemen” as well as “Missy Raines and the New Hip” and many, many more. Martin and Dominick talk about the mandolin as an instrument, the Berklee School of Music in Boston and much, much more. Enjoy!!!

  • Episode 27, Apr 20 – Lindsay Kupser

    Lindsay Kupser is an awesome singer songwriter originally from Calgary in Alberta, Canada. She joins Martin for a conversation about songwriting, her musical education and her new record Quiet Songs. You can learn more about Lindsay at

  • Episode 26, Mar 30 – Lauren Stovall

    Lauren Stovall is the lead singer and guitar player for the Colorado Bluegrass band The Railsplitters. Since their foundation in 2012, The Railsplitters have already made their mark on the bluegrass scene by winning the Rockygrass band competition in 2013 and the Pickin in The Pines band competition in 2012. Their progressive sound is unique, energetic and very entertaining. Lauren and Martin talk about songwriting, recording and much more. The Railsplitters will be performing at Swallow Hill Music on May 9th.

  • Episode 25, Mar 13 – Steve Seifert

    Steve Seifert, from the Newman Center at the University of Denver, joins Martin for a discussion about the changing music world and how it is re-shaping the world of music presentation. There is a big shift happening in classical music that is refocusing the traditional chamber ensemble idea into a different genre full of diverse instruments, unique compositions and an experimental spirit. The Newman Center Presents series brings many of the ensembles at the forefront of this musical shift to Denver and Steve Seifert is the man in charge. Check out the Newman Center Presents Series at

  • Episode 24, Feb 27 – Jake Schepps

    Jake Schepps joins Martin for a discussion about the new paths of Acoustic music. Jake’s new record “Entwined” features classical works composed specifically for a “Bluegrass Quintet” of instruments. Martin and Jake discuss exploring new musical ground, the music business and reimagining traditions. Visit for more information.

  • Episode 23, Feb 9 – Danielle Ate the Sandwich

    Danielle Anderson is a fantastic songwriter. She goes by the pseudonym Danielle Ate The Sandwich and with five records under her belt she has proven her place in the burgeoning Front Range music scene. She and Martin sit down to talk about songwriting, life and their similar roots in rural Nebraska. Danielle plays her ukulele on a song from her new project ‘The Drawing Back of Curtains: Music from the Film ‘Packed in the Trunk: the Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson’ Find more at

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