David Wilcox

Sat & Sun, Mar 6 & 7 @  8pm

David Wilcox is a father, a husband, a citizen and a songwriter, as well as a celebrated songwriter and creator of more than 18 albums.

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Take Down The Door

Sat, Mar 7 @  8pm

With nothing but stellar musicianship from all five of its members, Take Down the Door takes the stage with a variety of dance tunes and songs from Ireland and her diaspora. With an impressively high-energy traditional sound that is guaranteed to make you want to join in the fun, Take Down the Door is ready to get the party started.

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Michael Hinckley

Thu, Mar 5 @  7:30pm

A native of Omaha, NE, Michael played guitar and fronted groups in the local music scene before he traded the openness of the plains for the majesty of the Rockies.

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Old Fashioned Hootenanny

Fri, Mar 6 @  7pm

An old-fashioned hootenanny is the best possible place to learn new songs and new licks, and to hear old songs performed in entirely new ways.

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Music School



Circle Singing

w/ Ellen Hertzman

Sat, Mar 7 @  3pm

Circle Singing is a spontaneous, improvisational community singing experience, a little bit like a

Free and open to all!

Guitar Boot Camp

w/ Chris (Citrus) Sauthoff

Sat, Mar 7 @  11am

Get the basic training on how to make yourself a better guitar player in this hard-core, guided practice session

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Intro to Harmonica Workshop

w/ Clay Kirkland

Sat, Mar 7 @  11am

Schedule too complicated to commit to 8 weeks of lessons? Don't know if you will enjoy learning the harmonica? Try our Intro to Harmonica Workshop.

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Intro To Music Theory @ Lowry

w/ Casey Hrdlicka

Sat, Mar 7 @  9:30am

This workshop will provide an introduction to music theory: reading music notation, counting time signatures, building chords, and more.

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The Art Of Aftobeat Guitar @ Lowry

w/ Casey Hrdlicka

Sat, Mar 7 @  2pm

This workshop will explore the various styles of afrobeat guitar- tenor and rhythm, as well as the counterpoint tenor guitar, and how they work together. This workshop will also discuss polyrhythms and how Afrobeat came to be from influences of funk, jazz, and highlife music.

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Performance Session

w/ Justin Francoeur

Sat, Mar 7 @  2pm

Free and open to all! Bring songs you’ve been working on and perform them in a group setting!

Free and open to all!

Solo Techniques For Ukelele

w/ Casey Cormier

Sat, Mar 7 @  10am

The ukulele can be much more than a strum-and-sing instrument in the hands of a practiced player. Learn scales, riffs, and just enough music theory to take solos and add lead breaks the next time you jam with your friends!

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Jazz Jam

w/ Josh Maxey

Sun, Mar 8 @  12pm

Our jazz jam is a great place to explore jazz in a fun, no pressure setting.We play songs from the

Free and open to all!

Bluegrass Jam

w/ Josh Maxey

Sun, Mar 8 @  2pm

Our bluegrass jam is a place for you to try a song out that you've been working on or learn new songs that you've never heard.

Free and open to all!

Intro To Frame Drumming

w/ Brian Nelson

Sun, Mar 8 @  11am

This workshop offers an introduction to basic techniques on the North African frame drum or "tar." Students will also be introduced to the rhythmic counting system of Southern India with an emphasis on basic rhythmic phrases three, four, five, and seven and limb independence.

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Jam Primer For Harmonica: Muddy Waters

w/ Clay Kirkland

Sun, Mar 8 @  11am

Let's learn to jam on classic Muddy Waters tunes! Knowledge overcomes fear and this workshop fills the gap between the classroom and getting out there with other folks in a jam setting.

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Front Row Podcast

feat. Jake Schepps

Jake’s new record “Entwined” features classical works composed specifically for a “Bluegrass Quintet” of instruments. Martin and Jake discuss exploring new musical ground, the music business and reimagining traditions.

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