• Ukefest Workshop Schedule

    We've got a jam-packed day!

Friday Workshop

Christopher Davis Shannon – Ragtime and Swing Ukulele

Friday @ 5:15-6:15pm

In this workshop we go over five right hand techniques, common rhythmic figures, left hand muting, as well as moveable chord patterns. Workshop content is mostly based around the style of Roy Smeck and Johnny Marvin.

Great if you want to: Learn about ragtime and swing styles and add some flashy technique to your bag of tricks

Download the sheet music here.

Saturday Workshop Schedule

10:00-11:00am in Daniels Hall

Play by Ear w/ Cathy Fink

You CAN do it. You were BORN with ear training, and Cathy can show you how to make it work for you! What key do I sing in? How do I know what chord to play? Where are the notes to this song? You will be amazed at how easy it is to take your eyes off the page and start training your ear to play what you want.

Great if you want to: Become a more independent learner and musician by ditching your sheet music



10:00-11:00am in Tuft Theatre

Uke 101 w/ John Nash

Download sheet music here.



11:15am-12:15pm in Daniels Hall

Bye Bye Blues w/ Marcy Marxer

Roy Smeck was a legendary vaudeville-era ukulele player and invented some of the most influential ukulele techniques. Learn one of Roy Smeck’s biggest hits just the way he taught it to Marcy – by ear.  The focus will be on playing a show-stopping tune learned the old fashioned way, by ear.

Great if you want to: Dig deep into a chord-melody jazz arrangement

Download sheet music here.



11:15am-12:15pm in Tuft Theatre

Uke 102 w/ Daniella Katzir

Download sheet music here.



11:15am-12:15pm in the Café

Jam Session Skills for Ukulele w/ Casey Cormier

Ever wanted to be part of a jam session but were too intimidated to jump in?  In this workshop, we’ll be sitting in the circle formation typical of most jams, discussing how to lead and follow a tune using the Nashville Number system and rhythmic devices, and before long we’ll give it a spin ourselves.  Learn the fundamentals and be ready to join in next time a jam breaks out!

Great if you want to: Learn how to join your first jam session

Download sheet music here.



1:30-2:30pm in Daniels Hall

Find Your Sound w/ Craig Chee

Every Musician has their own voice, and this class will help you create yours. Craig will take you through expanding the basics of Hammer ons/Pulls offs, Percussive elements, as well as some right hand techniques to get you on your way.  All the techniques taught in this class can be used on any form of music- whether it be Island Pop, Jazz, or Rock and Roll. This is the perfect class for the strummer who is looking to do more than strum.

Great if you want to: Become a more expressive player and add some interesting details to your playing  



1:30-2:30pm in Tuft Theatre

Ladies of Song w/ Daniella Katzir

Learn songs sung and made famous by women of various decades!  From The Ronettes to Cyndi Lauper and from Gillian Welch to Ingrid Michaelson we will dive deep into the various styles they have left us with.

Great if you want to: Learn to sing and strum some new tunes and celebrate women’s contributions to music

Download sheet music here.



2:45-3:45pm in Daniels Hall

Doo-Wop Till You Drop w/ Sarah Maisel

This class focuses on popular progressions, including Doo-Wop, Blues, and Pop. With those we will also discuss holding the instrument, barre chords, and creating efficiency while playing. It’s a perfect class for the beginner ‘ukulele player, but even advanced players will learn some cool tricks.

Great if you want to: Strum along to some fun songs



2:45-3:45pm in Tuft Theatre

Take It! Single-Note Soloing The Easy Way w/ Gerald Ross

Have you ever been to a jam session and when it’s time to take an instrumental solo everyone looks at you says “take it!”? We will learn what to do when that situation arises.  It’s not as difficult or scary as you may think. You can do it! You will be soloing by the end of this workshop – guaranteed!

Great if you want to: Learn some lead playing to complement your strumming

Download sheet music here.



2:45-3:45pm in the Café

Ukegrass (Bluegrass Ukulele) w/ Casey Cormier

Learn the fundamentals of bluegrass playing on ukulele.  We’ll learn how to imitate various bluegrass instruments – the chop of a mandolin, forward roll of a banjo and the rhythm pluck/strum patterns of a guitar.  We’ll learn how to kick off a song, navigate chorus/verse forms, take and/or pass a solo, and end a tune in style.  

Great if you want to: Learn how to accompany songs in the bluegrass style

Download sheet music here.



4:00-5:00pm in Tuft Theatre

Strum-Along w/ Doug Brown

Download sheet music here.


4:00-5:00pm in the Café

Right Hand Technique w/ John Nash

Looking to add to your right hand arsenal? Learn some versatile right hand moves like fans and rolls that will take your strumming to the next level.

Great if you want to: Spice up your playing by learning some new right hand techniques