Endowment Fund

This year, every $1 you donate to our Endowment Fund will be matched with $.25 by the Community First Foundation! Donate now!

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent savings account made up of donations. Swallow Hill Music’s Board of Directors has decided to set up an endowment to ease any financial burden during tough times and help us flourish during more prosperous times.

The interest from Swallow Hill Music’s Endowment Fund will be used to further our mission of building community by connecting people to diverse music traditions on the stage and in the classroom.

Why an Endowment?

Swallow Hill Music has started an Endowment Fund to ensure overall financial stability for our future. Based on the artistic value of Swallow Hill Music over the past 34 years and our goal to serve the music community of Denver and the West, we anticipate continued growth for our concerts, classes, and community building efforts. The financial stability that an endowment offers will help Swallow Hill Music continue to build our music community into the future.

How will the Fund be used?

The Swallow Hill Music Endowment Fund will be set up as an unrestricted fund, meaning that the interest income from the fund can be used to further the mission by supporting any project or program within the organization.


Thanks to all who helped us secure the 2:1 Endowment Challenge Grant match from the Community First Foundation to jumpstart our fund! See a full list of Get-Down-Ment donors.

Community First Foundation has been serving the community for more than 35 years, helping donors and nonprofits come together to improve quality of life in the Denver Metro area.

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Founded in 1979, Swallow Hill Music is a nonprofit community for musicians and music lovers who appreciate the ability of music to bring people together. As a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music, Swallow Hill Music enhances Colorado’s cultural vitality and is a model for experiential music schools and performance spaces across the country. The organization serves more than 135,000 people through its school, outreach programming and concerts annually. Swallow Hill Music also presents and produces concerts at a wide range of venues across Denver.

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