• Hootenannies & Open Stage

Hootenannies (1st Friday of the Month)

Hootenannies are a combination of open stage, mass sing-along and a groovin’ good time. The “Hoot” is held on the first Friday of the Month and hosted by Harry Tuft. It’s a great place to learn new songs and hear old songs performed in new ways. Join us for this centuries-old tradition of sharing musical ideas with like-minded folks. Attend as a viewer or sign up to perform.

Registration is free on Eventbrite, with a recommended donation of $3. You can donate in conjunction with your registration, or by clicking here.

Sign up by clicking the “Register” button on this page (only sign up once per participant).

If you would like to perform, please email harrymtuft@gmail.com by end-of-day the Tuesday before the event.

If you would like to attend the Hoot as a viewer, registration will close at showtime. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants before the show.

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Open Stage (4th Thursday)

Our Open Stage is currently on hiatus. In the meantime, please check out our Free Jam offerings!

Best of Open Stage (3rd Friday of the Month)

Best of Open Stage is currently on hiatus.