Connect with Swallow Hill Music’s teachers during our closure

Guitar lessons
Though we cannot be together at the moment, many of our instructors are offering online music lessons.

Many Swallow Hill Music instructors continue to teach and perform remotely while our facilities remain closed due to COVID-19. Swallow Hill Music is keeping in touch with our instructors and looking forward to the day when our doors open once more.

In the meantime, we have started compiling our instructors’ activities and how to get in touch with them during the closure. We will be updating this page as we get more information from our teachers!

Instructors are listed alphabetically by last name.

Christina Adamoli
Christina is available to teach private voice lessons. Email her for more details. Christina says, “I’ve been using a nifty platform, so it feels like I’m actually in the room (without the distancing concerns)!”

Liat Arochas
Liat is available to teach remote, private lessons for ukulele, guitar, voice, and songwriting. Email her for more details.

Felix Ayodele
Felix teaches guitar, electric bass, flute, music theory, piano/keyboard, recording software, songwriting, ukulele and voice. He is available for private lessons, email him for more details.

Barry Brown
Barry can teach private lessons for voice and piano online. He says, email me for a return document regarding the set up.”

April Cooley
April is up for violin and fiddle lessons and classes for those old and young. She’s on all of the platforms – hit her up on email for more details.

Casey Cormier
Casey is offering private lessons on ukulele, guitar, and bass for adults and children, and ukulele classes for adults online via Zoom. Email him to sign up today!

Spencer Crawford
Spencer is available for remote lessons. You can contact him via email. It’s no surprise that he’s keeping busy, and he encourages folks to follow him and his band That Damn Sasquatch, online at his website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Star Edwards
Star is offering private lessons for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced harp playing. Visit her website for details: Star adds, “Students can stop by my free youtube video for an introductory lesson.” The introductory lesson can be found here.

Joshua Fenner
Joshua is currently accepting people into his virtual studio for lessons on a multitude of instruments including

Violin, guitar (electric, acoustic and pedal board management solutions), mandolin, ukulele, viola, piano, banjo, and cello. He is also teaching songwriting, music composition, music theory and recording software (Pro Tools and Ableton Live). Students of all backgrounds, ages, and levels are welcome.

As a music educator, Joshua believes it is important to find common ground between what his students want to learn and the technical skills they need to refine their playing. His balance between working hard and having fun in lessons is a trademark of his teaching style.

Go to for a full listing of class offerings, levels, and contact information.

Caitlin Gilmore
Caitlin is set up to teach private voice, piano, composition and theory lessons. Email her for more details.

Martin Gilmore
Martin is ready to teach private lessons and workshops, as well as online Q&As. For more details, visit his website, or email him.

Neil Haverstick
Guitar and bass instructor Neil Haverstick is available for online lessons. Visit his website, or email him for more details.

Julia Hays
Julia is offering private, online violin and fiddle lessons. Email her for more details.

Swallow Hill Music Marquee
We hope we can all be together soon at Swallow Hill!

Casey Hrdlicka
Casey is offering guitar, ukulele, bass, and music theory lessons online via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Duo. You can reach him via email.

Mike Jagel
Mike says, “at this time, I’m offering half hour private lessons using the Zoom Platform for five-string banjo – any style or level and bluegrass guitar-beginner through intermediate.” Email him for more details.

Thomas Jennings
Thomas is offering private lessons, classes, and workshops for guitar – all online! Go to his website for more information.

Daniella Katzir
Daniella is available for “Private/Semi-Private/Group Lessons for all ages on all levels ukulele, beginner guitar, beginner piano and songwriting.” She can also teach a group Kids Sing Along/Move Along class for ages 1-6. Email her for more details, and learn more about her at

Clay Kirkland
Clay says “As a “touring faculty member” I can offer one on one lessons over the internet no matter where I am.” He is offering private lessons over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and more. Email him for more details.

Stef Kull
Stef is offering private lessons for keyboard/piano. Email her for more details.

Anna Leavitt
Anna is available to teach remote cello lessons. She will have more details online soon. In the meantime, email her for more details.

Emily Lewis
Emily is available to teach private lessons for Intermediate and advanced violin students. Unfortunately, no beginners as this is hard to do remotely. Please email her (preferred) to set something up.

Jarett Mason
Jarett is offering online private lessons, group classes and workshops for fiddle/violin, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Get more details and schedule with him via email.

Ryan McCarthy
Ryan teaches online piano lessons for all ages and levels. He can teach classical, jazz, rock, and folk. Great for Kids! The first lesson is FREE! For more details, email him, or visit his website or Facebook page.

Jason McIntyre
Jason is available to provide private guitar and songwriting instruction online. Email him for more details.

John Nash
John Nash is teaching all things ukulele at Ukulele Inspired Studios. He is offering private and group instruction via Zoom, GoogleHangouts, Skype and Facetime. Learn more at

Katie Oaks
Katie is available to teach piano and keyboard to students of all ages and abilities. Contact her via email for more details.

Will Paradis
Will says “I am offering video instruction on guitar and ukulele at all levels, as well as banjo, music theory, and songwriting out to the intermediate level. Any interested students can contact me via email. Will is also planning to do some “virtual busking,” stay tuned for details on that!

Josie Quick
Josie says “I am offering “office hours” on Zoom where students can check in and ask questions, play for me and get feedback, and play together. I am charging $10 for each session.” She is also offering video exchange, where a student records a video of them playing a song and I will send a video back with feedback. The fee is $20.

She is also offering private lessons for $30 per half hour.

Josie has a YouTube channel called Fiddlequick, where people can play along with videos. Please subscribe for updates on new content.

You can contact Josie via email, on Facebook, or learn more at her website,

Chris “Citrus” Sauthoff
Citrus is teaching from his home and will have a website with scheduling options soon. He is available to teach private lessons and small groups if people want to do lessons together. Citrus also plans to maintain his Wednesday night community jams via Facebook Live from 8-9 p.m. where he will play songs and call out chords just like he does in Quinlan Cafe so folks can play along. The best way to contact Citrus is via email.

Nabin Shrestha
Nabin is available to teach basic tabla classes and basics about Hindustani Rhythm System. Classes are offered online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Please go to his website, or email him for more details.

Matt Skellenger
Matt says, “I am teaching private bass, guitar, piano, and music theory lessons. You can contact me by email.”

Teresa Suydam
Teresa can teach private, online lessons for voice, and piano/keyboard. Learn more about her, and her teaching methods and philosophy at her website. You can also email her for more details.

Roy Willey
Roy is leading Singing Meditations and Sound Journeys via Zoom and other online platforms. For the schedule and more details, connect with him via email, or visit

Molly Zackary
Molly is offering private vocal lessons online. She is able to do lessons on Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom. Go to her website for all the details: