As a promotional partner, Swallow Hill Music provides your company with impactful exposure by delivering:

Quality Impressions

Our event marketing can deliver your brand to the valuable adult, age 45+, predominantly Caucasian, affluent market with thousands of quality impressions across many media including print, direct mail, email, online, on-site, on-stage, and more. We connect an engaged audience that reads, listens, and enjoys the messages that Swallow Hill Music sends which include our partners’ brand imagery and information.

The Credibility of a Denver Institution

Swallow Hill Music has been a leading arts and cultural institution since 1979. Our partners
benefit from the strength of our longevity, and the lasting relationships we have built with our
patrons, members and donors. We can customize your sponsorship to fit the marketing goals of your company. As we continue to pursue our goal of connecting people to the power of music, you can be confident that we can connect people to your company as well!

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About Swallow Hill Music

Founded in 1979, Swallow Hill Music is a nonprofit community for musicians and music lovers who appreciate the ability of music to bring people together. As a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music, Swallow Hill Music enhances Colorado’s cultural vitality and is a model for experiential music schools and performance spaces across the country. The organization serves more than 135,000 people through its school, outreach programming and concerts annually. Swallow Hill Music also presents and produces concerts at a wide range of venues across Denver.