Ukefest Artists 2017


Jake Shimabukuro

Renowned for lightning-fast fingers and revolutionary playing techniques, Jake views the ukulele as an “untapped source of music with unlimited potential.” His virtuosity defies label or category. Playing jazz, blues, funk, classical, bluegrass, folk, flamenco, and rock, Jake’s mission is to show everyone that the ukulele is capable of so much more than the traditional Hawaiian music – or corny showbiz routines — many associate it with. He recently release a new album, Nashville Sessions.

“Galloping Seahorses” Video

GuerreroAldrineAldrine Guerrero

Aldrine Guerrero is a dynamic `ukulele player from the island of Kaua’i. Originally from the Philippines, Aldrine started out at local Kauai coffee shops and churches and has since gone on to stages that range from coast to coast in the continental US to international performances. Aldrine’s style of ukulele has been spread throughout the world through live performances and through the streams of YouTube; gaining 28,000 subscribers to his channel that has accumulated over 7 and a half million views. Guerrero is also one of the founding fathers of Ukulele Underground alongside Aaron Nakamura and Ryan Esaki.

“Dance with a Bandito”

The Quiet American

QuietAmerican450x300The Quiet American is husband and wife duo, Aaron and Nicole Keim (Aaron is one of the founders of Ukefest!). A home-grown modern folk revival, their music incorporates traditional ballads, banjo breakdowns, raggy choruses, gospel duets and other dusty Americana gems, all delivered on a wide variety of acoustic instruments. Gathered around a single microphone, Aaron and Nicole present a concert experience that pays tribute to old time folk music traditions yet strives to connect to a modern audience.

“The Light The Dust” Video

The Canote Brothers

Greg and Jere CanoteGreg and Jere Canote are identical twins whose music is all about having a good time. They do, you will. It’s steeped in vintage Americana — forgotten fiddle tunes, swing classics, and quirky novelty songs — but with their own twists (and a few of their brilliant original takes on the world around us). They’re fabulous musicians, moving effortlessly among fiddle, guitar, banjo, ukulele, and various hybrids, and their genetically-matched voices recall brother duets from the Blue Sky Boys to the Everlys.

“Foolish Questions” Video

Denver Uke Community

The Denver Uke Community has been bringing “ukemaniacs” together since 2005, meeting on the third Saturday of each month at Swallow Hill Music at 10:30 a.m. It includes members of a variety of skill levels from beginner to “wow that person ROCKS the Ukulele!” The group plays a wide range of music including country, Tin Pan Alley and Hawaiian, and will be hosting a sing-along jam as well as performing main stage at this year’s festival.

Denver Uke Community Video

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