Assembly Offerings

  • Bluegrass & Beyond: The Jammy Man Band

    With Paul Trunko

    This assembly examines the ways in which cultural traditions combine to form something new. Students will see live performances with folk and bluegrass instruments like guitar, mandolin, and banjo. With musical examples, students will see how the United States melting pot of musical cultures combined to create bluegrass.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level: K-5
    • Max group: 300
    • Base Price: $385 + 10¢ per student

  • The Blues: A True American Art

    With Clay Kirkland and Chris Sauthoff

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    Students will learn the development and aesthetic of the blues. They hear how slaves combined African folk music and Western European music traditions to create an entirely new form art form. Students will understand how race and gender issues also played roles in the development of blues music. They will hear music by Leadbelly and Muddy Waters.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level:  K-8
    • Max Group:  300
    • Base Price: $385 + 10¢ per student

  • Colorado History through Song

    With Mike Jagel

    Colorado has a rich tradition of music through its history. Native Americans were the first settlers and had their own musical traditions. The following waves of explorers and settlers all contributed to our musical heritage as well. During the performance, the musicians will share songs of mountain men, explorers, farmers, ranchers and miners and will finish the assembly with recognizable and modern Colorado songs.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level: K-6
    • Max Group: 300
    • Base Price: $385 + 10¢ per student

  • Irish Music & Dance:  The Cultural Connection

    With Deb Carstensen and Molly Bennett

    Showcasing music, dance and clothing from the Irish tradition, this program will touch on the history of the dance and music and how it has influenced the culture and art in our country. The students will get to enjoy the exciting and soulful music from Ireland, including Deb Carstensen’s fiery fiddle. Molly Bennett, the founder of the Bennett School of Irish Dance, will demonstrate Irish dancing, including jigs, reels and hornpipes.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level: K-8
    • Max Group: 300
    • Base Price: $385 + 10¢ per student

    Modern Music: Making Beats & Songs

    With Brian Nelson

    In this assembly, students learn the elements of a pop song, including rhythm, melody, harmony, and arrangement. They experience the creative process in this interactive program. Through the creation of a percussive beat, participants are introduced to the software and hardware used in hip-hop and pop production. Custom beats made during the assembly will be available for download after the assembly, as well as resources for making beats and music loops.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level: K-12
    • Max Group: 300
    • Base Price: $350 + 10¢ per student

    Rhythm: A Multicultural Music Experience

    With Ed Contreras and Chad Johnson

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    This assembly explores rhythm and percussion as it evolved out of Africa through the Caribbean, Brazil and up through the Americas. Students will hear dun duns, djembes, talking drums, and congas. Students will also have an opportunity to play percussion instruments with the assembly performers.

    • Length of program: 45 minutes
    • Grade Level:  K-12
    • Max Group: 300
    • Base Price: $400 + 10¢ per student

  • Sing Along, Move Along

    Our early childhood teachers lead students in an interactive musical class featuring dance, creative movement, song, percussion instruments and more! Programs can be adapted to fit educational and seasonal themes. Swallow Hill Music will provide instruments.

    • Length of program: 30-45 minutes
    • Grade Level: Preschool-2
    • Max Group: 30
    • Base Price: : $100 + 10¢ per student

  • Sound Ideas From Around The World

    With Michael Stanwood

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    This assembly teaches lessons in geography, social studies, languages, all through wondrous musical instruments that Michael Stanwood has collected through his travels. Michael is a former goodwill ambassador for the U.S. State Department.

    • Length of program:45 minutes
    • Grade Level: K-8
    • Max Group: 250
    • Base Price: $350 + 10¢ per student

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