Learn how to play guitar with the Swallow Hill Music Core Guitar Program

The Core Guitar Program allows adults to discover (or rediscover) music in a relaxed and fun group environment.

With an emphasis on actually playing, you’ll start strumming and singing from day one. All styles and genres of music are covered — from traditional to modern — building up an accessible repertoire of songs and skills. Each class level seamlessly progresses into the next, and you learn how to play the guitar before you know it.

Not sure at which level you should start? Check out the full descriptions of our guitar lessons. Or start playing now with our Video of the Week!

Core Guitar Lessons

Not sure which class you should start? See the full descriptions below — we offer 7 levels of classes from 1-A to 4. Or if you’d like, call our front office to set up a 30-minute evaluation, during which one of our Core Guitar faculty will meet with you and asses the best level for you to enter into our program.

Level 1-A: How to Play Guitar for Beginners

Get introduced to the basics of guitar: melody, harmony and rhythm all in our fun, relaxed group environment. Learn pop, rock, blues, indie, and traditional tunes to build up an accessible repertoire of songs and skills. You’ll learn how to play guitar, and be playing a song by the end of the first class. Guitar lessons for the very beginner. Browse 1-A Guitar Classes

Level 1-B: Advance Your Beginning Guitar Technique

Build your repertoire of songs while reinforcing the skills from 1-A. You’ll learn new songs, strumming patterns, and playing techniques to build on what you know already. Browse 1-B Guitar Classes

Level 2-A: Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Review the basic chords and strums and learn more difficult first position chords, easy scales, alternating-bass strumming, and finger-picking. Study left hand techniques like slides and hammer-ons and learn how to use a capo. Browse 2-A Guitar Classes

Level 2-B: Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills

Strengthen your fingerpicking skills, get an introduction to simple bass runs and review the skills from the guitar lessons you learned in Guitar 2-A. Continue to work on your tab reading skills while learning intros and solos. Learn more open chords including slash chords. Browse 2-B Guitar Classes

Level 3-A: More Advanced Guitar Lessons

Study movable barre chords, more complex fingerpicking, theory, and lead play. Develop your dexterity, dynamics and play more interesting arrangements to songs. Start playing at faster tempos and feeling more comfortable with your guitar. Browse 3-A Guitar Classes

Level 3-B: Increase Your Guitar Playing Repertoire

Learn a number of new songs using the skills from 3-A. Use more barre chords, harder strums patterns, and further develop your lead playing. You’ll be playing more involved arrangements and sounding just like the recordings! Browse 3-B Guitar Classes

Level 4: Advanced Guitar Lessons with Ensembles

Now that you’ve completed Guitar 1-3 you are ready to start playing as an ensemble and focus on singing and musicianship. Work on harmonies, arrangements, solo breaks, theory, and performing together. Classes will learn and perform both student and teacher selected songs. Students can repeat this guitar class endlessly, the material always changes. Browse Level 4 Guitar Classes

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Video of the Month: Core Guitar Strum Patterns

Meet this month’s Featured Teacher

David Thomas Bailey

David Thomas Bailey is a musician and educator based in Colorado. He holds a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies and performs regularly in both the jazz and original rock communities of Denver.

Always a student of music, David has studied with Charlie Hunter, Dale Bruning, and Jonathon Kreisberg. He has performed in across the nation, with jazz luminaries like Howard Alden and Joe Giglio. David brings a depth of music scholarship and a breadth of knowledge to the lesson studio and classroom. A laidback presence accompanies a thorough curriculum that is founded in the lexicon of popular and rock songs.

David’s specialty is teaching formal composition and improvisation to children and teens.

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